Photo Proof-of-Delivery

A picture is worth a thousand words, and ensures a successful delivery experience for all!  Today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever before. When an order is placed, they expect full insight as to when their gift was created, sent out for delivery, and received by their recipient - in a timely manner and designed as intended.   Obtaining photo proof-of-delivery can further safeguard your shop from order cancellations or customer complaints by providing visibility into the status of their order.

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Benefits of Photo Proof‑of‑Delivery

  • Quickly submit delivery photos electronically, saving your drivers time
  • Keep customers safe by ensuring a contactless delivery experience
  • Proactively reduce additional order updates, improving your customer experience!

flower delivery outside door

Flexible Submission Options

BloomNet® offers multiple ways for members to submit photo proof-of-delivery.

  • FREE Mobile App: “Route4Me” for Business Management Solution customers
  • Texting Line: 1-855-TEXT-DLC (1-855-839-8352)
  • Call Us: 1-855-839-8352
  • Online: BloomLink.

Please see our Delivery Expectations Guide for more information.

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Committed to the Customer

To help resolve delivery disputes from customers, photo proof-of-delivery is required on all floral and fruit orders from®,® and Shari’s Berries®.

In the event of a customer complaint about a non-delivery, photo proof-of-delivery is still required, even if there is a delivery confirmation on the order.