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BloomNet360 Print Marketing Materials

Reach Customers with Printed Advertising Materials

Welcome to the NEW BloomNet360 Marketing Portal, your exclusive online marketplace designed to help build your local brand with quality, customizable marketing assets!

  • Create and order personalized and professionally designed marketing materials, branded specifically to your shop
  • Order the amount you need and still benefit from price breaks of higher quantities
  • Leverage direct mail services to mail directly to your customers or have your marketing materials shipped to your shop



Enhance Your Marketing

Increase your local brand awareness and drive more business to your store!

  • Browse our library of hundreds of professionally designed brochures for every:
    • Occasion or Holiday/Season
    • Local Retail Promotions
    • Weddings & Special Events
    • Sympathy & Tributes
  • Each template is ready to be customized with your shop’s logo, contact details and website URL
  • BloomNet360 streamlines ordering with our easy-to-use cloud based system, all on-demand, 24/7


Go Beyond the Print

BloomNet360 offers customizable branded supplies, that allow you to connect with your existing and future customers!

  • Business Cards
  • Magnets Door Hangers
  • Rewards Cards
  • Enclosure Cards
  • Mailing Envelopes & Letterhead Templates
  • Window Graphics & Other Signage
  • FREE Downloadable Email Templates
  • FREE Downloadable Social Media & Website Banners


Thrive Instore & Compete Online

BloomNet360 is an important component of a complete 360 Marketing campaign. Leverage dozens of Local Store Marketing Promotions to drive more local traffic into your store and increase online orders for your local website.

Expert Tip: Launch an In-store Retail Promotion!

Spring/Tulip Bouquet Promotion

Summer/Rose Sale

Fall/Sunflower Spectacular

Winter/Blooming Gladness

Seasonal/Holiday Open House Invitations


  • Rob Cook

    1-800-Flowers | Nancy's - Gresham, Oregon

    “I have ordered many of the assets, I find that the turnaround time is excellent. The proofs are available immediately upon placing your order - I usually have an order confirmation the very next day and shipping confirmation maybe 1 - 2 days after. I have ordered everything from a small tri-fold brochure that goes on a lot of our outbound orders to full size window decals and a variety of other items that are available on the site. I’d recommend the print portal for any retail florist that wants to keep their customers. It’s very important to continue to market to your customers all during the year, not just at major holidays [so that] customers [won't be] stolen away. Just keep marketing and you’ll keep your customers!”

  • Sandy Aviles

    1-800-Flowers | Conroy's - Beverly Hills, California

    “The marketing portal is really easy to use. We recently hired a new manager at one of our locations and all I had to give her was the login information, give her a brief description of what she needed to do, what changes she had to do, and it was done by her without any issue. I would recommend the marketing portal to any florist. The portal is an asset to our business and I will continue to use the portal for every season, for every option they have that fits our business.”

  • J.B. Sajnani

    1-800-Flowers | Conroy's - El Cajon, California

    “I have been using this marketing portal for almost three years and I’ve had excellent, excellent experience with this. The quality of printing is great and the turnaround time is very, very quick. If I have any questions, my calls are immediately answered and returned. Everything is clarified. I have had no issues, on any of these fronts, whether it is the quality or the turnaround time or the customer service. It’s been excellent; very nice. We use the customizable coupons all the time, in all of our brochures. We get a lot of those coupons back and so we know that the customers are coming back.”

  • Yunus Daginawala

    1-800-Flowers | Conroy’s - Encino, California

    “The look and feel of the marketing material is very professional. The images are very high quality. You really want to look at the sympathy book, I have gone to some funeral homes and shown it to them. They really loved it, they liked the design and the quality. It’s very appealing. Today you must look at different ways to advertise your business, because to be honest, without marketing you cannot survive. The print portal is one of the areas worth looking into it. I mean, everybody has to get onto this - there is just no way around it. I would definitely recommend other florists to join this program for sure.”