BloomNet’s New Plant Program: No Minimum Wholesale Plants

We’re thrilled to announce BloomNet’s Plant Program, a new initiative designed to enhance your purchasing experience by offering a diverse range of plants with simplified, reliable services. Each element of this program is fine-tuned to meet the dynamic needs of your business, ensuring convenience, variety, and impeccable quality.

Explore an Exquisite Range of Plants

We invite you to discover the diverse selection of plants in our program to meet the needs of your clientele. Our range includes high-quality and in-demand options such as orchids, money trees, green foliage plants, succulents and more! This variety ensures that your shop remains vibrant, appealing, and attuned to the preferences of your clientele.

You will find that each plant is nurtured to epitomize beauty and vitality. Our assortment is carefully curated, ensuring that you have access to a splendid variety, fostering creativity and diversity in your floral presentations.

Streamlined Accessibility and Convenience

In our continued commitment to providing unmatched convenience, we ensure that our extensive range of plants is readily accessible. Say goodbye to unnecessary drives for pickups. Your plants will be readily available with two-day shipping, allowing you to focus more on customer service and other aspects of your business.

Transparent and Predictable Pricing

The Plant Program embodies transparency, so we've adopted a straightforward pricing approach. Each product comes with a clear, set cost, eradicating uncertainties and enabling you to plan, budget, and operate with enhanced confidence and foresight.

Flexible Purchase Options

Adaptability is woven into the fabric of our program, so you can buy according to your business needs. We champion flexibility by eliminating minimum purchase requirements, allowing you to procure plants in volumes that resonate with your immediate needs and customer demands.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Every plant in our program is a testament to excellence. We have collaborated with growing partners who prioritize quality. Each plant, from the delicate orchids to robust succulents, is carefully chosen to ensure you receive products that meet high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Collaborative Enhancement

As a new initiative, we are open to your feedback and suggestions. Your insights are valuable and will aid in refining and improving the program.

Preparation for the Festive Season

The Plant Program also focuses on providing ongoing plant care support. This is particularly crucial as we approach the festive season, helping ensure that your plants remain healthy and vibrant for customer purchase.

We warmly invite you to explore what BloomNet's Plant Program has to offer to enhance your floral retail business. Visit and log into your Napco Imports account to order!