Summer Orchid Collection: A Symphony of Seaside Hues

Elevate your plant offerings this summer with our exquisite Summer Orchid Collection from the BloomNet Wholesale Plants Program. This exclusive assortment features six stunning Phalaenopsis orchids, including Blue Watercolor, Yellow, and White varieties. Each plant boasts twin flower stems, symbolizing an abundance of beauty and vitality inspired by the tranquil allure of sun-kissed shores and ocean waters.

Craftsmanship of Nature: Grown from Tissue Culture

Our orchids are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art tissue culture techniques. This advanced process ensures that each orchid is genetically identical to its high-quality mother plant. The result is a robust, disease-free orchid that is primed for thriving in various environments. Tissue culture propagation allows us to maintain consistency in quality and appearance, ensuring that every plant you receive is a testament to excellence.

A Foundation of Strength: Fully Rooted

The roots of an orchid are its lifeline. Our Summer Orchid Collection boasts fully rooted plants, establishing a foundation of health and vitality that carries through to the magnificent blooms adorning each stem. Fully rooted orchids are better equipped to absorb water and nutrients, ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy. This strong root system supports the growth of lush foliage and abundant flowers, making these orchids a standout addition to any collection.

Blooms that Last: Long-Lasting Varieties

One of the standout features of our Summer Orchid Collection is the longevity of the blooms. Specially selected for their endurance, these orchids ensure that each blossom remains vibrant for an extended period. This quality makes them ideal for both retail and event florists, who can count on the lasting beauty of these plants to impress customers and guests. The extended blooming period also reduces the need for frequent replacements, offering a cost-effective solution for maintaining stunning displays.

Grown with Care: Sustainably Grown

Sustainability is a guiding principle in our growing practices. Our orchids are cultivated in Dutch-style greenhouses, which are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. These greenhouses utilize advanced technologies such as climate control systems, water recycling, and natural pest management to create an optimal growing environment. By adopting these sustainable practices, we ensure that our orchids are not only beautiful but also produced with a commitment to protecting our planet.

The Perfect Arrival: State-of-the-Art Packaging

Our innovative packaging is designed to ensure that these delicate beauties arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. Each orchid is carefully packed to prevent damage during transit, with measures taken to protect the stems, leaves, and roots. This attention to detail ensures that the plants you receive are ready to be showcased immediately. Whether you're a retail florist or an event planner, you can trust that our orchids will arrive looking their best, ready to enchant.

Straight from the Source: Shipped Directly from Dutch-Style Greenhouses

Embracing the renowned Dutch tradition of horticulture, our orchids are shipped directly from the greenhouse to your home or business. This direct-to-consumer approach captures the essence of one of the world's most revered flower cultivation cultures. By minimizing the time between harvest and delivery, we ensure that our orchids retain their freshness and vitality. This direct shipping method also reduces the environmental impact associated with transportation, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

A Display of Elegance: 20” – 30” Range in Height

Standing tall at a height of 20 to 30 inches, these orchids make a statement of sophistication and elegance in any space. Their impressive stature and striking blooms draw the eye, making them a focal point in floral arrangements or standalone displays. Whether used to enhance a retail setting, a special event, or a private residence, these orchids bring a touch of class and natural beauty to any environment.

The Palette of Summer: Inspired by the Seaside

The color spectrum of our Summer Orchid Collection is a tribute to the allure of the beach and the seaside. The Blue Watercolor orchids evoke the mesmerizing hues of the ocean, rippling with shades of cerulean and azure, reminiscent of the gentle ebb and flow of sea waves. The Yellow orchids mirror the radiance of the summer sun, bright and invigorating, while the White orchids offer a serene contrast, reflective of soft, sandy beaches. This harmonious blend of colors creates a visual symphony that captures the essence of summer.

Orchid Care: Nurturing Your Seaside Escape

Orchids require specific care to thrive and maintain their beauty. Understanding their needs and mimicking their natural habitat can ensure they flourish. Here's a comprehensive guide to caring for your Summer Orchid Collection:

  • Light: The Gentle Embrace of the Sun
    Orchids thrive in environments that mimic their natural habitat. A moderately bright windowsill offers a balance of light that is not too harsh, not too dim, ensuring your orchids bask in just the right amount of sunshine to flourish. Avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves, and instead opt for filtered or indirect light.
  • Water: The Rhythmic Tides
    Just as the tides are regular yet sparing, your watering schedule should follow suit. When the potting mix begins to feel dry, usually every 7 to 10 days, it is time to water. This mimics the cycle of rain and dryness they would experience in the wild. Ensure proper drainage to prevent root rot and avoid letting the roots sit in water.
  • Food: The Nourishment of Fertility
    Feeding your orchids with a specialized orchid fertilizer is akin to providing a feast of nutrients tailored for their unique needs. This ensures that they not only live but thrive and bloom with vigor. Fertilize every two weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) and reduce the frequency during the dormant period.
  • Rebirth: A New Beginning
    Repotting is an essential part of orchid care, signifying renewal, and continued health. Once the blooms have graced you with their presence and have finished, it is time to provide your orchid with a fresh start using a fresh orchid mix, allowing the cycle of growth and bloom to begin anew. Repotting every 1-2 years helps prevent root congestion and refreshes the growing medium.

The Summer Orchid Collection from our Wholesale Plant Program is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in elegance, beauty, and sustainability. With our carefully curated selection, state-of-the-art growing practices, and direct-from-greenhouse freshness, we bring the wonder of the seaside into your home or business. Whether you’re a florist, event planner, or floral hobbyist, these orchids offer a lasting touch of summer that captivates and enchants. Embrace the beauty and tranquility of the seaside with our Summer Orchid Collection, and let every day be a walk on the beach.