Mother's Day 2023: Ensure Your Success

With Mother's Day just around the corner, the teams at BloomNet® and® are here so you can look forward to a successful holiday. We've been hard at work, developing strategies, services, and partnerships to make this season as lucrative and seamless as possible for you. Let's explore the different avenues we're offering to help ensure your success this Mother's Day with BloomNet.

Flexible Deliveries on®

Based on tremendous positive feedback received from BloomNet® Members,® implemented multi-day Flexible Delivery options for peak Mother's Day deliveries. 

This Mother's Day,® implemented multiple flexible delivery options from Thursday, May 11th through Mother's Day Sunday, May 14. Please be on the look out for these flexible delivery orders by reviewing the special instructions and deliver early to maximize your capacity and fulfill more orders! 

When Flex Delivery options apply to an order, the details will be printed in the Special Instructions located next to the BloomLink order card message. Even though we expect that many® orders will have Flexible Delivery options, some orders will not have a Flexible Delivery option so please pay close attention to the Special Instructions on each individual order. 

Simplified® Mother's Day Product Assortment

To simplify your design efforts and further enhance your fulfillment capacity this holiday,® has significantly reduced the number of arrangements available for customers to purchase for delivery during the peak days of the holiday.

In addition to this reduced assortment, a limited number of Everyday and Sympathy products will also be available for Mother’s Day week delivery.

Florist's Choice Arrangements from®

Presented to consumers as “One-of-a-Kind Bouquets”, when you receive orders for these products from® you will have ample flexibility to use fresh floral supplies available in your store and showcase your artistry to deliver something as unique as the person receiving the gift. 

These “One-of-a-Kind Bouquets” don’t need to follow a specific product recipe; instead, florists are asked to use their unique skills and discretion to design a beautiful arrangement that conforms to the theme and/or occasion stated on the order and that is appropriately filled to value.

To further support BloomNet® Florists this Mother’s Day season,® will be offering and promoting multiple versions of “One-of-a-Kind Bouquets”, giving your shop even more flexibility to expand holiday capacity and fulfill more orders!® Mother's Day Projections

The® Florist Operations and Planning Teams work together to create detailed projections for select BloomNet Members to help facilitate the planning and procurement of hard goods, fresh floral, and staffing needs for the holidays. Prepare for the holiday and stock up on seasonal containers/floral, review projections, and the 2023 Mother’s Day, Late Spring, Summer & Everyday Design Resource Guide (DRG) ensuring you have everything you need to be successful. 

As a reminder, if your shop receives projections from® you can find them posted in your BloomLink system.

Preparing Your Shop for Success

BloomNet® is committed to working with you, as you help customers show their appreciation for all the special women in their lives. Paired with our informative 2023 Mother’s Day & Spring Planning Guide, our valuable program & services can enhance your shop’s opportunities for Mother’s Day, as well as other important Spring holidays. Plus, find seasonal tips, holiday reminders, and creative insights that will help to assure a successful Mother’s Day & Spring season for you and your business! 

Additionally, prepare for the holiday and stock up on seasonal containers/floral, review projections, and the 2023 Mother’s Day, Late Spring, Summer & Everyday Design Resource Guide (DRG) and 2023 Mother's Day, Reduced Recipe Increased Retail and Core Supplement ensuring you have everything you need to be successful. 

Daily Deals, Fresh from the Farm - Seasonal and Everyday Varieties

We believe in the power of fresh, high-quality flowers. By collaborating with farms across the globe, Farm2Florist provides florists with wholesale floral that's farm fresh and priced right. Farm2Florist is able to gather a wide variety of fresh products at the best prices available. Don't forget to visit us every Monday for fresh deals and order early to prepare for Mother's Day. Place your order with us today! 

Place your fresh floral orders as soon as possible, to avoid potential shipping or availability issues. If you need any assistance with placing orders for fresh floral please reach out to us as soon as possible at

Importance of Submitting Real-time Delivery Confirmations

Today’s consumer expects real-time visibility into the status of their order. It is no longer enough to submit Delivery Notifications at the end of a driver’s trip because consumers expect to know about their delivery as soon as it is completed or attempted. 

When you provide us with accurate and timely Delivery Confirmations (DLCs) and/or Delivery Attempt Notifications (DLAs) immediately following the delivery of an order, we are better able to inform a customer about the status of their order. This helps us better manage customer expectations and provide a superior, well-informed level of customer service. 

As a result, the electronic submission of a delivery notification in real-time often results in reduced CSIs. On orders with a Flexible Delivery option, you will not receive a message or a TRP charge on an order until the last day of flex. Please make sure that a delivery attempt message or delivery confirmation is not inadvertently entered early on these flex orders.

Here are four flexible ways to submit real-time delivery confirmation:

·      FREE Mobile App: “Route4Me” for Business Management Solution customers

·      NEW Texting Line: 1-855-TEXT-DLC (1-855-839-8352)

·      Call Us: 1-855-839-8352

·      Online: BloomLink

Exciting Partnership with Fluid Truck

We're thrilled to announce our latest initiative in facilitating efficient delivery services – a strategic partnership with Fluid Truck. With this collaboration, we aim to provide on-demand delivery trucks to our network florists, ensuring you have the resources you need to meet increased delivery demands during Mother's Day and beyond.

•          Commercial vehicle rental with the tap of a button

•          24/7 Access to vehicles through the Fluid Truck mobile app

•          A wide array of pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks in more than 400 cities

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