The Blooming Business Of June Weddings for Florists

June wedding example - stunning dried florals wedding arrangement

June—the gateway to the summer season—comes with an aura of love and celebration. It's not just about welcoming the warm, vibrant weather but also the most popular month for anniversaries and weddings. This tradition stretches back to ancient times when June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. For florists, June weddings mean a surge in demand, a boom in business, and a wonderful opportunity to showcase creativity and passion.

As a professional in the floral industry, you'll want to make the most of this bloom-filled month. Whether you're a retail florist, an event florist, a wedding florist, or even a DIY hobbyist, this post is brimming with insights and tips to help you capitalize on the busy June season. Moreover, we'll direct you towards the indispensable resources available for BloomNet members, the floral industry's leading business partner.

Leverage the Demand

Firstly, as a retail florist, it's crucial to stock a wide variety of blooms in your shop. Think of the classic roses, vibrant peonies, delicate lilies, and more. June brides and anniversary couples love these flowers, so ensure you're well-stocked.

Moreover, leverage the power of Farm2Florist, a wholesale flower delivery offering farm-fresh blooms straight to your doorstep. BloomNet members receive special pricing on regular, seasonal and special flowers. You can source exotic flowers from various corners of the world, from specific farms or variations, setting your shop apart with a unique range for not just June weddings, but all throughout the year!

Enhance Your Offerings

As a florist, you're in charge of creating magical settings with flowers. Take advantage of the seasonality of flowers, and offer exclusive June packages that incorporate in-season blooms. Not only will this add to the visual appeal of the events, but it will also allow you to offer cost-effective options to your clients.

Explore our Floral Selection Guide to discover what's in season. This guide will provide you with unique combinations to create signature styles that will make your events stand out.

Embrace Trends

Beautiful examples of June wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding florists, you have a special role in shaping someone's big day. Couples are often looking for the latest trends - colors, flowers, themes and locations, and it's your job to keep up. Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding blogs are great sources for floral inspiration. Save posts and pins for June weddings and make other collections to save design inspiration for other occasions and events!

Napco Import's Trend Reports are your source for new seasonal ideas and inspiration, designed to help grow your profits! Consumer wants, tastes and needs are constantly changing, especially when it comes to hard goods. As a florist, not only can you sell these products to your customers, but also use them in your own designs! Through extensive research, Napco's product development team has identified the latest trends in the market, certain to drive purchasing decisions, and ultimately put you at the forefront of today's consumer desires. Embrace these trends, and offer packages that cater to both classic and contemporary tastes.

The Power of Digital Marketing

In this digital age, your online presence is just as important as your physical one. Invest in a professional website and maintain an active social media presence. Share your designs, new stock arrivals, event snapshots, and customer reviews. This not only helps in connecting with your existing customers but also attracts potential new ones.

BloomNet offers digital marketing services that can help you optimize your online presence. We provide professional website design, SEO optimization, and social media marketing services. BloomNet members also receive special pricing on floral education courses! Floriology Institute offers florists of all levels basic design classes, in-person and online, but also marketing seminars, often available online for free! Leverage our expertise to create a robust online identity for YOU.

Building Strong Relationships

Last but not least, remember that the floral industry thrives on relationships. Take time to interact with your customers and understand their needs. Provide personalized service, and they are sure to return. Similarly, cultivate good relationships with your suppliers to ensure you always have access to the best products.

BloomNet's communication and order management tools allow for seamless interactions between florists and clients. Utilizing these tools will enhance your customer service and foster stronger relationships.

A beautiful, outdoor floral arch for a June wedding.