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Florist Programs & Services

Programs Providing Purpose

BloomNet has a number of exciting programs aimed at providing value-add information, tools & services for BloomNet Professional Florists.

From education and digital marketing services, to expanding your retail business with FruitBouquets by 1-800-Flowers, BloomNet Professional Florists can feel rest assured that we’re committed to supporting your business and our family of Florists. 

  • Sending & Rebate Program

    With BloomNet's highest published referral rates in the floral industry and our easy referral program qualifications, it's no wonder BloomNet Florists can make more money by using BloomNet as their Floral Service Provider! 


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  • Digital Marketing Services

    As the newest addition of services offered by Floriology, we'll show you how to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that's unique to your business, will help maximize your online presence, and ultimately, convert shoppers into buyers!


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  • Email Marketing Services

    BloomNet is proud to collaborate with Constant Contact, a world leader in email marketing technologies and strategies, to provide our professional florists with this service, to help increase retail sales and enhance customer engagement.


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  • Fruit Bouquets Program

    Step into something sweeter with this program of incredibly fresh fruit arrangements! With these hand-selected and expertly designed fruit arrangements, create an unparalleled shopping experience that is as thoughtful as it is delicious.


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  • Selection Guides & Manuals

    As an essential marketing tool for all BloomNet Florists, our Floral Selection Guide supports florist-to-florist orders through our BloomNet network. Plu, the Essentials Workroom Manual ensures your customers with a high quality product, that's consistent every time!


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