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Bayberry Road Collection

Boutique Accessories for Your Shop!

Bayberry Road is a boutique style jewelry and accessory line (including but not limited to fashion jewelry, scarves, belts, hats, gloves and wraps of many types) developed exclusively by and for Napco, in order to expand our customer base, as well as to offer our existing customers a wider range of product categories. We are proud to offer competitive, affordable pricing for everyone to order enough product to have in their stores to make an impact on your bottom line!

Something for Everyone

Bayberry Road was designed with the consumer in mind. We know that no two shoppers are exactly alike, so our collection is not only versatile, but fits every budget, as well.

Each of our jewelry pieces are nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic. Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure a high quality product. All of our fabric & garment items are hand wash/air dry.

Most of the jewelry items on Bayberry Road are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of consumers. The garment fabric items are currently one size fits most, to help ease the need to carry large quantities of different sizes in your shop.

Simple Addition, Easy Profit!

The decision to create Bayberry Road as part of our product line was a natural and positive addition. Many stores are now carrying fashion accessories and garments, knowing that there is a market for it. We're here to help those consumers come to your shop for these items, giving you the chance to expand your customer base to include folks who shop at florist & garden centers, spas, salons, hospital gift shops, as well as any other boutique or independent clothing stores that also carry holiday, gift and floral items.

The jewelry and accessories' market has grown significantly over the past few years, with the average order size also growing significantly. Adding Bayberry Road to your retail shop is a great opportunity for both you and your customers to achieve additional sales year-round! 

Bayberry Road can help grow next year's sales with your existing customer base, while opening up new opportunities for new customers who haven't visited yet!