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Wire Work for Flower Jewelry

Flower jewelry is the hot, new trend in prom, wedding and party fashion. Jumping on those trends is an effective way of growing your shop’s business.

When a customer comes in looking for accessories for their formal event, it is important to be prepared with designs that’ll stand out from your competitors. Learning new techniques in wire work can be exactly what you need to make your floral designs stand out for formal events. 

Mastering flower jewelry is one way to stay updated in your product designs. With prom season, weddings and holiday parties just around the corner, snag customers when they come in the door with a modern twist on formal accessories. Simple boutonnieres and corsages won’t always make the cut. Capture your client’s attention with flower jewelry that will stand out at their event. 

Reuse and recycle broken bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are laying around your shop when designing flower jewelry. Bring them back to life with just a little time and effort. It is a straightforward way of increasing profit without increasing cost. Do some research into what is hot and popular in your area for formal events. Reds, silvers and blacks are great product colors to keep in stock as they are among the most popular formal event colors.  

This week on Floriology’s Extended Design Time, Jackie Lacey and Angelyn Tipton demonstrate basic wire work techniques to get your shop started in flower jewelry designs.