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Winter Foliage Designs

Winter is upon us, and what better way to get your shop ready for the holidays than to incorporate fresh winter foliage designs? Maximize sales and reach more customers by extending the life of your winter foliage. 

Fresh winter foliage attracts customers to your store front and online business by providing them a unique look for a woodland feel. Holly, pine and cedar are all beautiful foliage that pairs perfectly with cold winter landscape. Exactly what is needed to bring that winter feel to your client’s table.  

Consider hosting a workshop to teach others how to put together different foliage. It is one way to draw your customers in and have them leaving with a new perspective of your shop. Use them to spread the holiday cheer and build more sales for your business. 

Holiday events and Christmas festivities surround us, so make sure you have a plan to create visual interest by adding layers of texture, depth and colors into your holiday foliage. It is the ideal approach to promote sales and lure more customers to your business.   

Don’t let that leftover foliage go to waste. Extend the life of your Christmas foliage by re-using it as winter foliage into the new year. You can do this by adding and removing some the foliage as needed, which will ultimately save your shop more money. 

This week on Floriology’s #DesignTime, Jackie Lacey demonstrates how to incorporate winter foliage designs into your shop’s every day designs this winter.