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Why do I want or need a Wire Service?

First, let’s examine the process of sending or receiving orders from fellow florists. As you remember from last week’s blog, “Understanding how wire orders are generated”, as the sending florist, you must locate a filling florist, which can be accomplished by looking on the internet, doing a search for florist at zip code 32256 and choosing a local florist that serves the zip code of the recipient of the order.

Today, you must be careful in that not every florist listed on the web page is a local florist. They could be an order gatherer and will forward the order again to a local florist. You may want to read the reviews or ratings of a florist you are thinking about placing the order with. Next, you will call the florist and inquire with the filling florist if they are taking orders for the requested delivery date and for the product requested.

Next you must ask the filling florist if they offer a Florist to Florist discount. That discount could be as much as 20%, which is the same as if the filling florist shop received the order from a wire service. Once you have given the order to the filling florist, you may need to follow up with the florist for delivery confirmation if the florist does not have an automated system of confirming delivery. You will probably have to pay the florist with a credit card and will have to reconcile your credit card statement with all those orders you called out to filling florists.

The same process will be required to receiving an order from a Sending florist. So, depending on your volume of orders you receive and send may force to think about belonging to a wire service.

A Wire Service can streamline the process of receiving or sending orders. In addition, Wire Services provide the opportunity of receiving orders from fellow florist and major order gathers. But do not stop with just the process, Wire Services offer Technology, Websites, POS systems, Education, and you are part of a group of professional florist who are held accountable for providing quality arrangements when filling one of your order.

By Charley Howard