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Where do my flowers come from?

Nowadays it is very easy to buy flowers from a wholesaler to make a floral arrangement. With the advancement of technology and transportation we can order the flowers we need to produce beautiful bouquets online in the morning and get them delivered in the afternoon. We are so used to the convenience of the same day delivery system, it is easy to forget the amount of traveling that our lovely flowers must go through.  In fact, many of the flowers we purchase travel long distances as they come from different part of the world!


The Netherlands

The Netherlands has 46% of the global flower market share, which makes it a US$3.5 billion business. Yearly this country exports billions of blooms around the world. Their national flower, the Tulip has become a worldwide favorite. The beautiful tulip flowers come in many different types of colors which make them perfect to decorate any modern space.




Colombia has 17% of the global flower market share, making US$1.3 billion yearly. In fact, the United States imports 65% of their flowers from this South American flower exporter. Famous for their red roses for the Valentines Season, Colombia also exports exotic flowers such as anthuriums, orchids, and 'bird of paradise' flowers. The flower business in this country is so big, that Colombia’s three main airports have become Latin America’s main flower transportation centers!



Ecuador has 10% of the global flower market share, making $802.5 million yearly. This growing flower exporter has around 60 varieties of roses which are distributed all over the world. Additionally, this Andean country, also produces baby's-breath, limonium, and liatris. The rich soil of this country is perfect to cultivate the wonderful flowers you order to decorate your house or celebrate any special occasion.



Kenya has 8% of the global flower market share, making it a $675 million industry. This flower business contributes to around 25% of the country’s GDP and accounts to 1.3% of the national economy. This African country, has perfect soil and weather conditions to produce our favorite flowers.  Roses, lilies, and carnations are some of the most popular flower exports.



Next time you order flowers from your wholesaler remember their long journey. The pretty roses you sell for Valentine’s Day may come from Ecuador. The bold and modern tulips you sell that decorate your costumes’ homes may come from The Netherlands. The exotic and elegant orchids that you make for wedding bouquets may come from Colombia. The lilies for January birthday babies may also come from Kenya.

Thankfully we live in a world where we can easily access beautiful, exotic, bold, and elegant flowers from all over the world. Flowers are not only an economical driver of many countries, flowers are drivers of human wellbeing. Millions of famers in these countries make their living by producing the flower that you and I consume. Indeed, the flower producers make our days more special.

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