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What You Should Know About Redesigning Your Website

Are you getting ready to redesign your website?

The process can be overwhelming; trust me, I know the feeling all too well.  Don't worry! I’ve been through the website design process before and can offer some advice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Company

Start by speaking to  3-4 different web design companies to give yourself some options. When you interview a web designer, there are several important pieces of information you need to gather. Be prepared to ask questions and do your own research to make sure the web designer is credible, professional, and suited to your needs. 

  • How long has the company been in business?

Make sure you choose an established company that has a proven history of creating great websites and providing excellent customer service. While you might find a new company that will do a great job, many fledgling web design firms simply don't have the resources to meet deadlines, create beautiful layouts, and take care of your needs.  

  • Is their work high-quality?

Poke through some websites they have developed and get a feel for their capabilities. Do all of the drop-down menus work? Is the website user-friendly and easy to navigate? Is the design professional, appropriate to the nature of the company, and aesthetically appealing?   

  • Have they designed previous websites that are comparable with your needs?

If you need e-commerce, make sure they have designed several websites that have e-commerce. Ask to see examples of their work that are similar to the type of website you're looking for. 

  • Do they offer 24-7 emergency support?

If the web designer will be maintaining your website after its launch, you need to ensure they can fix problems if disaster strikes and something goes wrong on February 13th at 11 pm.

Map out what you want your website to look like before you begin.Decide What You Want in the Final Product

To make the web design process go even smoother, think about what you want the outcome to be. What categories do you want to highlight? How many products do you want in each category? What “add-ons” do you want with each product? How do you want your customer experience to feel? Research websites from any industry and screenshot features you like. Mapping out everything prior to design will keep the process moving and ensure your main goals are at the forefront.

Final Tips and Recommendations

If you have a deadline, make sure you come to an agreement with the web designers. Always read all the fine print from the web developer’s contract. Make sure you own all rights to the site and that you have the administrator rights to any software the web developer purchases on your behalf.

In conclusion, you should talk to at least two to three web developers before choosing the one right for you. Look for the company’s response time, price, number of employees and how long they’ve been in business. When making your final decision, make sure you click with the developer: this is hopefully the start of a long and wonderful relationship!