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What Flowers can do for Florists

It’s no secret that flowers help with a person’s mental health. They have been scientifically proven to lift spirits, relieve stress and bring happiness. Florists see first-hand the impact flowers have on their customers but have you ever considered what impact flowers have on you as a florist?  

After a 10-month long study by Rutgers University, three main takeaways were uncovered regarding the benefits of flowers, benefits that florists have an integral part in.   

Flowers have an immediate impact on a person’s happiness. Florists, you have experienced what a flower arrangement can do for the recipient after it is picked-up, delivered and/or received. The reaction to receiving flowers is immediate and universal across all age groups!           

Florists, you have seen the long-time, positive impact flowers have on a person’s mood. Flowers and plants not only have a long-term impact on happiness. The study’s participants also reported lower levels of anxiety, agitation and in some cases, depression.   

Florists, it is important to let the beautiful florals that surround us have that same impact on our own wellbeing. It is easy to get overcome with our own drive to help others that we forget about our own mental health.   

We can help create and keep a sense of intimate connections in a time where it is being taken due to quarantine. Flowers enhance all types of relationships, connect on a natural level and speak when words or distance separate us.  

Promoting your designs, your offerings, and your talents in such a way may help your community, yourself and your overall livelihood.  

COVID-19 has increased fear and anxiety around the world, yet we as florists play an important part in limiting those fears in our communities. Florists, we encourage you to be a light in your community. Encourage the beauty of nature connecting us all, and please be sure to take some time to smell the roses. Don’t forget to let the flowers help you, so you can better help others.