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Website Strategy to Build Funeral Business

Our last blog about funeral trends identified a sobering fact -- there will be more and more funerals in the coming years. So the question, how can florists capture more of this business? The answer is being found on search. For the next two blogs, we'll cover two digital strategies that will help you capture more sympathy business: search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing.

We'll discuss SEO first as your website needs to be in top-SEO shape prior to running any online ads. You'll want to work directly with your web developer on SEO unless you are comfortable and familiar with your website's configuration. Let's get started.

First action is to build a page that is specific to "funeral flowers" and have a SEO-friendly URL that contains these keywords such as this one:

With the help your developer, you'll need to change the <title> tag and <meta name="description"> tag for this page as well. The title is what appears in Search results. The following is what appears for Conroy's Encino for "funeral flowers encino ca"

encino funeral search result





Following Conroy's Encino's example, a good <title> tag would be "Funeral Flowers | your city state | Local Florist." You have about 80 characters to write what you'd like to appear in the search result.

For the <meta name="description"> tag, communicate directly to the consumer. Try "Trust us to help you express sympathy with flowers. We can send casket and standing sprays, memorial wreaths, urn arrangements and more." Similar to the <title>, you'll have 80 lines for each of the two lines which will appear in a search for a total of 160 characters.

SEO work needs to extend to what you put on the page. Request your developer to create a <h1> tag that reads, "[your business name] provides same-day delivery of funeral flowers in [your cities.]" You should then write a paragraph right below this that matches and expands what's in your <meta name="description"> such as: "[your business name] is a local florist providing same-day delivery of a variety of funeral flowers such as casket sprays, standing sprays, urn and vase arrangements, baskets, plants and keepsakes."

Lastly, include on this page a listing of all the funeral homes you provide services including the name -- which should be linked to their website, address and phone number. The reason is many customers know the funeral home so they'll include this keyword and the word "flowers" in their searches. This will give you the opportunity to land as the florist of choice for these types of searches.