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Ways to Integrate Your Business During Quarantine

This Mother's Day, florists saw a tremendous peak in sales, which made the season better than ever.  

With children stuck at home having no way to celebrate their mothers, they turned to the florist to show their appreciation. Although we can look at this as a mere holiday peak, let's evaluate what consumers want: hands-on products delivered straight to their doors.  

How can we capture the market at times other than celebrations? Let's look at how to engage your customers, grow your business, and create innovative products... with social media. 

Social media is the perfect outlet to grow your clientele but also engage with current consumers. From customer feedback to uploading videos, here are a few ways to benefit your business through social media. 


Ask for Your Audience’s Opinions. 

One of the easiest ways to increase consumer engagement and improve your products is by asking for your audience's opinions. By creating polls or asking questions in your posts, your followers will boost engagement and give you information about your business' needs. Not only will this benefit your company, but it gets your audience interested in what you have to offer.  


Appreciate Your Followers. 

Appreciating your followers will build consumer trust in your company. While you are stuck at home working, make it a priority to respond to comments, like tagged photos and answer direct messages. 

 Listen to what your consumers are saying and build a relationship with them. Through chatting with your community and solving issues promptly, your customers will feel valued and eager to buy again. 


Engage with Your Community. 

Although you might be responding to comments, look for ways to engage with your community personally. Instagram or Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience and show your passion for floral design. By showing the behind-the-scenes, your followers will feel like they are a part of the company too.  

One of the best ways to advertise your business while engaging with customers is by reposting user content. Let your followers know that if they post a photo of your product, you will like or repost their feed. Your consumers will be eager to get their five minutes of fame. This marketing tactic is an extremely efficient way to grow your business' popularity through social media.   

Now that our social media platforms are thriving, we can promote trendy products that will get optimum traction. Let's look at a significant selling option during this time.  


Floral Design Kits 

As storefronts are moving to online platforms, so are classes. Have you thought about offering floral design kits? 

Reach your target audience by promoting projects consumers can work on from home. This project is the perfect stay-at-home activity for any age or demographic. Your floral shop can provide videos to follow along, making sure to keep a personal element to the product. You could develop a kit with the following: 

  • Flower Food 

  • Floral clippers 

  • Floral foam 

  • Filler Flowers 

  • Focal Flowers 

  • How-To Guide 

Whether you’re making floral, herb or succulent kits, these hands-on projects are a great way to integrate your business into our changing market.  

Although many businesses are facing challenging times, this presents an excellent opportunity to grow your community and meet consumer demands. Let us know how you are transforming your business by tagging us (@BloomNet) on our Instagram and Facebook