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Video Marketing

With social platforms increasing in popularity, many businesses have started to capitalize on this new form of marketing.  

Video marketing allows you to present products and information in a simplified and concise manner. Long gone are the days of long-form sales pages and emails. The focus on mobile devices makes them too hard to read and understand. To stay on course with your customers, florists need to be able to create, edit and posts videos. 

Video marketing can be highly successful. There are, on average, 70 percent of consumers that say that they’ve shared a brand’s video. There are 65 percent of executives looking at marketer’s websites, and 39 percent of executives call a vendor after watching a video. 

Video is also the most popular channel that customers use to learn about products. To capitalize on this trend, florists can make videos about their daily routine, how to create certain designs and more. This will entice both returning customers and new ones.  

Video marketing can also help boost your shop’s ranking. Sites that have videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of a google search. Video improves SEO, so looking into this form of marketing should be your top priority. Increasing your website’s chances of being seen or found is one effective way of promoting your shop. 

Videos can also be reformatted. When you create a video, you open the door to multiple possibilities. Once you’ve made the video, you can then transcribe it to have a text version. You can publish the transcription with the video on your blog to help improve your rankings. Repurpose the transcription by turning it into a blog article. The audio can also be turned into a podcast. 

There are many options available to you. One video can easily turn into multiple forms of marketing for your flower shop and website. 

Video is an integral part of today’s culture. Whether it is for fun or for marketing, people are drawn to it. This form of marketing will help increase customer engagement and interest in your shop. Try it out and see the difference. 

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