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Video Creation Ideas, Equipment and Tools Needed

Video creation on social media and websites have become another great strategy to promote and market your business. It’s a great addition because it drastically increases the engagement of your used platforms. Consumers have acquired a high interest in good quality videos. They are consumed daily, and for this reason, businesses should invest time and effort into high-quality video content.  

Advance your business’ video content and style with the following ideas, necessary equipment and tools.  

Before creating a video, you should at least have a general idea what your video is going to be about. Some people have an amazing act for improv. Some don’t. Either way is ok, but it is better to be prepared. Every video posted on your platforms should have purpose and should engage your clients. Consumer engagement will boost when effectively marketed. Great content executed effectively prove successful for businesses. 

1.Social Media Posting  

Video is huge on social media. Creating engaging content and posting it consistently will help with your overall reach. Branch off and create a calendar with consistent content. You cab base your video off your content and pictures. (or vice versa) Overall, engagement is increased when videos, content and pictures are consistent and relevant. 

2. Testimonial Videos 

The creation of video testimonials is a great approach to increase client’s trust in your business. Apply this video suggestion. Client reviews matter greatly. Get ahead before you get left behind. 

3. Behind-the-Scenes Video 

Behind-the-scenes video gives clients the opportunity to know how things work internally in your company. It helps gain loyalty, trust and engagement.  

4. Your Business Story 

Create a short and entertaining video giving face to your business, so consumers know who they are working with. Consumers typically prefer supporting small businesses or a business that gets behind a good cause.  

5. New Service and Product Announcement 

Reveal videos are a great way to promote new products or services. It is great content to reuse for promotions. 

6. Presentations 

Create informative presentations to offer an aggregated value to your clients.  

The job is not complete without putting these ideas in to practice. You’ll need the necessary equipment, so you can get the most out of your video. There are three pieces of equipment along with a couple of best practices to consider before shooting a video.  

Although a nice camera is a great tool to have, your smart phone is more than capable of getting your video journey started. 

1. Invest in a tripod

Buy a tripod to make sure your video looks professional. You can shoot video handheld. However, if the video looks unsteady then it loses quality. 

2. Invest in lights

Lights improve lighting. Funny, we know, but it’s that simple. Buy them to produce a higher quality image.  

3. Buy a Microphone 

Also, buy a microphone to make sure the sound is on point. Bad sound or faint sound can completely ruin a video. Make sure your clients can listen clearly to your message. Ensure it is executed at its best. 

4. Best Procedures for Social Media Videos 

When you shoot a video for social media and websites, it is important to know the type of video you want. The angle you choose to shoot the video from is important to consider when shooting video for social media.  

For Facebook and Instagram stories, video is best shot vertically. However, for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, website videos, YouTube videos, laptop videos and TV videos, video is best shot horizontally. Both angles will work, but the most effective is determined by its platform. Keep these tips in mind for each platform, so your video is portraited at its best.   

One of the most commonly asked question is, “how long should my video be?” The answer varies. Educational videos that walk a person through a project or story can range from 10-15 minutes, However, if you are pitching a product or service, the videos should be between 60 to 90 seconds. Try to keep your videos short and engaging. Get your customers involved. 

After the video is recorded, you will need to consider an editing platform to help clean it up. 

1. Animoto 

Animoto is a great tool for businesses because it is an easy-to-use video maker. They have a marketing option where you can find different templates, add media and record voice over for your video. In this builder, you can also improve the text of your videos and even create video collages, split screens with videos or photos shared with your chosen text. Animoto’s business plan costs $94 monthly and $558 annually.  

2. is an online video maker that offers video editing and stock video footage. This video maker focuses on targeting social media video. You have the capability to use your own video content and edit them with the available tools. You can also choose from their stock footage of videos and photos. 

No editing video experience is needed to use this tool. Everything is simple and easy to use. The action of zooming in/out, trimming video segments, adding subtitles, adding your brand logo, adding music, changing the format and publishing is an easy process to follow. The pro business plan costs $16.50 monthly and $198 annually.  

3. Vyond 

If you want to create animated videos for your social media and website then Vyond is a good option for you. There is no need to exert great effort because this platform offers a variety of templates and animation styles that make this tool easy to use. The Vyond’s premium plan costs $89 monthly and $649 annually.  

Consider the addition of video to your social media and website. It highly increases engagement and opens the door for opportunity to grow.You will be marketing your business and your clients will be more informed about who you are and your business’ products and services.