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Valentine's Day Shop Check List

We are in the home stretch of one of the most important floral holiday! First, let’s put a few prayers out there for clear weather – no snow or artic bomb blasts!

By now you should have all your containers (hopefully unpacked, reported any missing or damaged item) and your flowers have been pre-booked for delivery no later than February 8th (Thursday). And how about those add-on products, Balloons, Chocolates and Plush!

Have you lined-up some extra hands to get you through the holiday, to run a register, take some calls, help in design and someone to help make some deliveries. I have used contact driver, those pizza delivery folks make good drivers, they know the routine and area. Also think about Uber!

Got Supplies – Printer cartridges, order forms, enclosure cards, packaging & delivery supplies (boxes, trays, tissue paper, Etc.).

Think about a Design Schedule or Production Schedule. Start out with Previous Year’s numbers for delivery and Will-Call / Pick-up and you can start with a simple plan. This Year you have three delivery days. The numbers below are an example

Date Delivery Will-Call Total

Monday 2/12 200 25 225

Tuesday 2/13 400 50 450

Wednesday 2/14 600 125 725

Totals 1,200 200 1.400

To Meet this numbers for production, use 4 arrangements per hour per designer, you need 350 design hours. If you have 4 designer they would each have to work 87.50 hours. With that said the Designer’s schedule would look like this

Date Hours Worked

Thursday 2/8 12

Friday 2/9 12

Saturday 2/10 12

Sunday 2/11 12

Monday 2/12 12

Tuesday 2/13 12

Wednesday 2/14 12

Total 84 short 3.50 hours

If you increase production to 5.5 arrangements per hour design time is cut to 254.5 hours divide by 4 designers the total hours per designer drops to 63.62 hours, means the design staff lose 24 hours.

You will make more profit if you can get good production from the design team.

Good Luck, and hope you have a good Valentines Holiday!