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Valentine's Day Displays

Valentine's Day is the largest sales and profit holiday for florists. With that being said, it is important when florist have customers coming into your shop to buy flowers or walk-in traffic that your store display is organized and has a well thought of pattern. It can be key to help build sales and get the floor traffic moving.  

From the minute your customer walks into your store, it should scream "Valentine's Day!" Use red, white and pink colors with big hearts so they see it everywhere they look. Remember, Valentines is a Rose holiday. Have them on display. There should be some grab and go and some pre-boxes to help get through the check-out process. 

The first thing I like to see is a two or three dozen red Rose arrangement that clearly sets the bar. Then slowly move to the smaller rose arrangements until you get to a single rose stem in a clear sleeve. 

If you carry Mylar balloons, add them to the display. They are a great add-on to sales. Speaking of add-on sales, chocolates and plush are top sellers in the Jacksonville market. Most likely, they are in other markets to. 

Make sure that the customer sees the price of the arrangement. Price everything on the floor, and leave no doubt on the price of any item. The adage, “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it,” should not be heard in any Flower Shop! 

In the old days, we had a cash and carry register, but today it is mostly credit cards. You will still need to have a well-trained staff person at the register. It will help move the line through the check-out processes. Sometimes it is good to have a helper pack up the order. This will also move the line quicker.  

Make sure you have the check-out counter stocked with additional supplies like pens, enclosure cards, receipt printer rolls and forms. 

Thanks, and make Valentine's Day work for you! 



Charley focuses on the financial aspects of being a florist in today’s environment, providing a basic understanding of sales numbers, cost of goods, labor and payroll costs, operating expenses, the cost of wire in and wire out orders, and other income such as delivery, relay fees, rebates, and commissions.

He arrived in sunny Florida from the frozen tundra of New England in 1991, to work at Kuhn Flowers in Jacksonville Florida as the controller. His prior background was construction and real estate. He also taught at the college level as Adjunct Staff for Post College and Southeastern Community College.