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Valentine’s Days Marketing Tips

Love is in the air.  Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Now is the time to make sure you have everything you need to make it a successful day. Social media is a useful tool. Use social media to gain insights into your business and increase your reach this Valentine's Day. 

Get to Know Your Consumers  

               It’s extremely important to understand who your customers are and what their needs will be. Consumers today tend to support local businesses. Use this to your advantage. Try updating banners and posters around your shop to increase foot traffic. 

               Understanding the generational divide will help improve your flower arrangement sales. Baby Bombers tend to be the group that loves to receive flowers the most Generation X tend to buy the most flowers, and Millennials and Generation Z, often buy on impulse or for last-minute gestures 

              Valentine's Day is the second-largest shopping holiday, next to Black Friday." About 55% percent of the population celebrates Valentine’s Day by buying gifts for their significant other. Use this to your advantage by advertising personalized designs and last-minute arrangements.  Investing in add-ons and hardgoods like teddy bears, and candy will help increase sales and revenue.  


               Now is the time to get your shop ahead of the Valentine’s Day curve! Start promoting yourself everywhere to expand your shop’s overall reach. Update your social media often to keep your consumers engaged. This will also help create a larger presence in your community.  

               Use social media to engage with your buyers by liking and responding to comments. Use these platforms to share photos of your Use these platforms to share photos of your arrangements. Tagging customers in your photos of their arrangements and asking them to tag your shop too is another great social strategy. 

               Invest time in email campaigns and newsletters. Over 80% of consumers check their emails daily. Use this resource to inform customers of upcoming deals or designs for a direct and personalized touch.  

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for re-engagement campaigns. Re-engagement emails help connect you with your inactive subscribers. Doing this will help you see who is interested in your brand and can produce direct sales.  

Social media is a platform like no other. It is important to utilize social media beyond the holidays and into the rest of the year. Staying engaged on social media is your tool to increase your shop's overall growth.