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Using Fragrance in Everyday Design

Flowers have the power of transforming ordinary spaces into something out of this world. The beauty and color found in them add a special touch to any setting. The world admires them for this and for other properties including their special fragrance. A unique fragrance that has the ability to transport anyone to a setting of nature with just a small sniff.

In the floral industry, fragrance is considered one of the major Elements of Design. It’s known for its pleasant aroma that attracts the senses even though it can’t be seen or touched. However, some floral scents can be overwhelming depending on the atmosphere they are present at.

Hospitals are a good example of a setting where strong floral scents can become unpleasant. Rooms are generally small and having certain scents in such spaces can make patients feel uncomfortable. It can be worse if the patient you are sending a floral arrangement to is allergic.

Some of the flowers to keep an eye on regarding fragrance are lilies, gardenias, roses, hyacinths, stocks, kale and carnations. They all tend to release a strong scent when you have too many of them in a small area.

Think about fragrance when making or sending your next floral arrangement. See what is appropriate for the circumstance. Try to find a balance between what you like and what the person would want to receive.  

Reference the AIFD Guide to Floral Design for more information regarding fragrance. Also, join Jackie Lacey every week on Floriology Institute’s #Design Time as he continues going over the Principles and Elements of floral design.