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Updates to the Paycheck Protection Program

What is the Paycheck Protection Program and how does it affect your business? 

With the development of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), BloomNet strives to keep you up to date with important information. The PPP offers small businesses funding to keep employees hired and help maintain their payroll. This act is used to help cover up to eight weeks of cost and benefit funds. Whether used on rent, utilities, or employees, the PPP is helping small businesses survive during these trying times.  


Who is eligible? 

If you fall somewhere under the following criteria and meet the program’s standard business size, you are eligible for the act: 

  • A small business 

  • A nonprofit organization 

  • A Veteran's organization 

  • A Tribal business 

  • A self-employed business 

  • An independent contractor 


You can find out more about whether your business qualifies for the PPP loan on the U.S. Department Of The Treasury website or Congress Passed More Funding for the Paycheck Protection Program