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Unique Wedding Trends

From the flower arrangements the bride and her bridesmaids are carrying to the groom's boutonniere and each table's centerpiece, flowers are an essential part of every wedding. As a florist, it is up to you to provide these couples with the flower arrangements that will bring their dream wedding to life! Keep in mind, every wedding will be different, while some couples go for a more traditional wedding, others want their wedding to have their own personal touch. Here's some current wedding trends to help you stay prepared for the traditional and unique weddings! 

Flower Wreaths/Hoops 

Many brides will incorporate a floral wreath into their wedding as they make for beautiful décor and can really bring an event together. One unique wedding trend has been using smaller wreaths for bridesmaids to hold rather than flower bouquets. This is a bit of a fun idea as the small wreath replaces the flower arrangement but can also later be worn as a flower crown. Many other brides may stick to the traditional flower bouquets for their bridesmaids but want a larger wreath to decorate the reception.  

Ultra Violet Hues 

Many brides have been going towards cooler tones of pinks and purples rather than the brighter and warmer oranges and yellows. Some brides may incorporate some subtle blues and yellows as an accent to the deeper pink and purple tones. These colors are very romantic, and brides will want to have these flower arrangements consistently throughout the ceremony and reception, right down to her own bouquet and the centerpieces at every table. 


Floral Photo Backdrops 

This unique wedding trend is on the rise as we are in the digital age of selfies. Floral photo backdrops make for the perfect place for all the guests to commemorate the night, take their Instagram photos, and it makes for beautiful décor!  These backdrops might be filled with flowers or more subtle and spaced out to give the backdrop a more natural look.  


Flowers are one of the most essential pieces of a wedding. Flowers are incorporated in almost every aspect of a wedding, whether that be in apparel or simply for décor. Help give your clients the wedding of their dreams with the right flower arrangements to bring the event together.