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Twitter Best Business Practices


New to Twitter or need to brush up on how to best use this stalwart social media for your flower shop? For this blog post, we’ll give you the scoop on best practices for Twitter.

Twitter Handle or UsernameTwitter

If you have yet to open an account for your business, your Twitter handle or username serves as your identity on the social network. Do your best to use your shop name as your handle. For example, if I owned Renato’s Flowers Shop, I’d want the handle to be

You only have 15 characters so you may need to get creative for longer shop names. While you’re at it, consider securing handles/usernames on other social media with a how-to we wrote on using

Keep Posts Short and Sweet

As you may know, you only have 140 characters to state your case on Twitter. It’s totally ok to abbreviate and replace words with symbols to save precious characters space. Examples: 4 rather than “for,” @ for at, 2 for “to (or too),” w/ for “with,” and so on.

Twitter is also a great way to drive traffic back to your website, but these URLs may be very long. Copy your links and drop them in the box at which will return much-shorten versions.

Use #hashtags

What are great keywords to hashtag in Twitter posts? Varieties: #roses, #lilies, #orchids. Colors: #pink, #red, #white. Occasions: #weddingflowers, #birthdayflowers, #getwellflowers. It’s best to do a quick search on keywords on Twitter to get a sense of the most popular hashtags. Users on Twitter will use these hashtags to find your posts to don’t be shy to hashtag any keyword you feel is relevant.

Engage with Twitter Community

As you search Twitter for hashtags as recommended, you’ll find the posts of other users. Find the post interesting? Start following them. A good keyword to start would be #florist. Also, when you do find useful posts, consider retweeting them from your account or replying to it with your own tidbit of knowledge. You’ll find more people will begin to follow you as they see more engagement.


Renato is BloomNet’s Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education. He is the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Society of American Florists (SAF) where he invested most his 20 years of industry experience helping floral businesses adopt and thrive leveraging technology trends such as social media, e-commerce, online advertising, shop automation and mobile. He is a frequent speaker at industry events sharing his expertise and latest technology, business and consumer trends that will impact floral business.