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Touting the Beauty of Texture

On-trend techniques for enhancing the impact, appeal and value of corporate designs

Texture has been all the rage for the last several years, no matter if you are talking about fashion, furniture or containers. Texture has always been important to floral design, as it is one of the elements of design and part of the building blocks upon which we are certified.

When we apply texture in the correct way it can enhance the visual impact, the perceived value and the appeal of floral design for everyone. Twisting more rigid branches into knots of natural beauty (also trending in the market), we can quickly cover up the surface and support the other floral product.

Keeping the overall insertions low and choosing the correct product will allow you to showcase more unusual flowers and use less product overall. Also, bringing in contrasting colors will give each a boost as the contrast is pushed away.

Today’s corporate world wants to be trendy while maintaining a fresh look, economical while appearing to have an endless budget, and forward-thinking with solid footing in tradition. Appealing to all of this can be a challenge. Keeping it simple with repurposed wood boxes (also trending) and a mix of everyday and tropical flowers that are on the rise in popularity is a great way to gain mass appeal.

 Combine different design styles in different size containers and then display them together at the entry or singly all over the entrance area. Everyone will find something to appreciate and the color scheme and similar floral product will keep some continuity.

Make sure you are using different types of textural elements to add interest and as a way of welcoming the eye to explore the composition to SEE more! Shown on these pages are some beautiful possibilities.