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Top Florals For Valentine's Day

In 2018, consumers spent almost 19 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, with about $2 billion on flowers. To make sure your shop takes advantage of this, you need to have these top six trending flowers and greens in your shop. 


The red rose has been a symbol of love since 27 BC. The red rose is a staple in traditional Valentine’s Day designs. Its popularity won’t waver for years to come. The rose can also add versatility to arrangements, thanks to a plethora of variants. To stay up on rose trends incorporate white, pink, peach and lavender roses into your designs.  

Variegated Pittosporum  

               The variegated pittosporum is a widely popular wintergreen. It is a rugged green that is very hearty and will thrive in both sun and shade. Its cream-colored edges will serve as a beautiful complement to your arrangements.  


               Carnations are beautiful full-bodied and long-lasting florals that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They have been given as a symbol of love for decades! Carnations are great accent flowers or as or can stand alone as a bouquet. Like most flowers, each carnation color has its own meaning. Pink stands for a mother’s love. Red for admiration and white for good luck.  

Israeli Ruscus  

               The Israeli ruscus is a beautiful wintergreen that will flourish in your Valentine’s Day designs! It adds height and dimension to designs. Its deep greens that will help florals pop against it. The Israeli ruscus is an extremely durable foliage that can be used both dried or fresh. 


               The lily is a staple flower for Valentine’s Day If your designs are more traditional, opt for the white lily. Add some pink or red lilies when you want to give a more feminine touch to a design. Overall, lilies are used in many ways. They are great for both romantic and platonic flower arrangements. 


               The succulent trend is still on a roll! Try incorporating small succulents, like the flapjack into some of your designs. It targets mostly millennials, but it is also a great keepsake. The flapjack is a cute plant with paddlelike leaves that have red ends.  

We hope these trends will help inspire your designs for This Valentine’s Day. Make sure to tag us on Instagram, so we can see your arrangements!