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Top Florals for 2020

It's a new year, full of new flower trends! This year’s hot floral trends will have a huge effect on your stock and demand. These top 10 flowers are exactly what you need to get your shop ready for the new year. 

  • Tillandsia  
    • Tillandsias, better known as an air plant, are more versatile compared to traditional house plants, and they can be placed in just about any spot.                
  • Hydrangea            
    •  Hydrangeas are easy to maintain and grow under the right conditions. They are considered a shrub, because they bloom in the spring and summer.  
  • Tender Vines  
    • Tender vines are a beautiful foliage that is easily incorporated into designs for a more modern look.   
  • Chrysanthemum – Disbuds  
    •  The beautiful chrysanthemum’s reign isn’t over. Its multitude of petals come in a variety of colors. There are thousands of variants, so you’ll find the perfect one for any design.  
  • Spray Roses  
    •  These beautiful fragrant florals can fit in a variety of arrangements. Their size and color pair to make a bold statement." 
  • Butterfly Ranunculus  
    • These beauties are relatively new to the market. Their waxy exterior adds a shiny dimension to any design. 
  • Dahlia  
    • These flamboyant floral blooms midsummer through the autumn. These beauties can some as small as a cake pop to a giant 15-inch dinner plate bloom             
  • Ranunculus  
    • These florals are better known as buttercups. These are the perfect wedding flower due to their vibrant double-ruffled petals and tall stems.  
  • Garden Roses  
    • The garden rose was created to look perfect. Its size and fruiting make this floral one of the top trending flowers of 2020.  
  • Peonies  
    • These delicate, long-lasting florals were bound to be part of the top trending florals in 2020. These lush spring florals last until the summertime.   


For more on the top flowers for 2020, watch the International Floral Distributors video now