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Telephone Sales

Telephone Sales

Answering the telephone tells the customer a lot about your shop and you as a florist. Remember that most customers calling your shop are driven by emotion: in love, trouble, sadness for a loved one passing or in the hospital, celebrating an anniversary or birthday, the birth of a child, retirement or promotion.

The timing of receiving the call may not come at the best time as you have four different things going on that require your attention, so take a deep breath, put on your happy face, and answer the phone call. Following a script will help you remember all the questions you need to help your customer. Don’t forget to smile! When you smile as you answer the phone, you Telephone Salesautomatically sound happier.

Start the call off strong with a welcoming greeting:

Shop: “Thank you for calling Charley’s Flowers, this is Charley. How may I help you today?”

Client: “I want to place an order!”

Shop: “I would be glad to help you with that!”

Now follow a script that works best for you. Avoid asking first questions like, “How are you going to pay for this?” or, “Is this going out of town?”

Since most of us are on a POS/Order Entry System, inputting the order into the system, use these 7 steps to take their order:

  1. Have you purchased from us before?

    Identify your customer then look for their account. You now know your customer and you can verify the phone number in case you need to call them back. You may also know how they pay for their orders.

  2. Who are we sending the order to?

    Get the recipient information including the phone number. Now that you know the recipient address, you don’t have to ask if the order is being delivered out of town.

  3. What would you like to say on the card message?

    Knowing this information, you can make recommendations for a product if the customer needs help in selecting the right arrangement for the occasion.

  4. What would you like to send?

    Remember the card message and where the order is going. Keep in mind your $39.95 special going cross country will not work! Once an arrangement is selected, remember to add for the add-on (Balloon, Candy, Plush).

  5. When would you like the order delivered?

    Remember your cut-off times and make sure those orders go out on time.

  6. What is your payment information?
  7. Let’s confirm.

    Repeat the order back to the customer. Ensure the customer that you’ll take good care of their order, then thank them for their business.

These tips will make for a smooth buying experience for both you and the client!


Charley focuses on the financial aspects of being a florist in today’s environment, providing a basic understanding of sales numbers, cost of goods, labor and payroll costs, operating expenses, the cost of wire in and wire out orders, and other income such as delivery, relay fees, rebates, and commissions.

He arrived in sunny Florida from the frozen tundra of New England in 1991, to work at Kuhn Flowers in Jacksonville Florida as the controller. His prior background was construction and real estate. He also taught at the college level as Adjunct Staff for Post College and Southeastern Community College.