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Teachable Moments

Educate your team on the benefits of these budget-friendly designs, and enhance your summer sales.


Summer is in full swing, its time to travel, party and enjoy the sun! its also a perfect season to spend time with friends and loved ones at barbecues, family reunions and pool parties. And, it’s a great time to educate your design staff about the many possibilities that budget-conscious arrangements can bring your shop.

It’s a common belief that it takes a large arrangement to create a wow factor. However, consider the fact that a budget arrangement can indeed be very impressive and can make a strong impact on a summer barbeque table.

In my experience and probably yours, this time of year many customers who come into a flower shop are looking for a hostess/host gift and they have in mind something special…although cost-effective. In many cases, it’s not simply that they don’t want to pay for quality, they just want the most value for their money depending on the budget they have. As an “option florist” our shop often provides different price points to customers…and this makes everyone happy!

            Shown here are some examples of designs that are cost effective, yet can still make a big impact.

  1. This arrangement is in a beautiful bowl-shaped container that can be used for multiple purposes by the recipient long after a summer get-together is over. By using minimal flowers and greens, focusing on the vertical line, the gloriosa lily interferes with the greenery and creates tension. A finishing touch of small crushed glass adds special sparkle.


  1. Have you ever thought that 4 flowers could be so effective? In this example, we used craspedia, allium, viburnum berries and a succulent to create a vertical design with a unique patterned vase. This is perfect for a buffet table…there is nothing sticking out to tangled with delicious food. You can also group this type of an arrangement for a bigger impact on the table.


  1. Aloha! After a summer vacation, your customers may feel a little let down, and this is a perfect arrangement to experience the feel of a tropical get away. By only using two tropical flowers, the impact is large and the white container adds extra pop to the heliconia and bee hive ginger.


  1. Repetition is one of the techniques I often use in my designs, especially in budget arrangements. By leaving the stems longer, more visual value is added to the design through a beautifully minimalist look. In this example, we have three arrangements together, with similar containers, and the same repetition techniques along with the same types of flowers. When set up together, the arrangements feed off each other. These designs would look stunning on a summer table, as well as the entrance to an outdoor fireplace. What’s more, the set of three arrangements can be separated and displayed in different parts of the house after your customer has finished entertaining.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry now and I’m off to find my barbecue party. Hope you enjoy the summer as much as I do!