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Tagging and Hashtagging in Facebook Posts

Posting to Facebook is as easy as jotting down a few sentences, uploading a photo (or video) and hitting Publish…right? In fact, it is this easy. However, many users don’t realize they can enhance their post and extend reach by using Facebook tagging and hashtags. Let’s show you how.

How to Facebook Tag

Facebook tagging allows you to enhance and extend the reach of your post by allowing you to embed links to other Pages or person profiles. This would then permit the Page owner or person to reveal your post in their Timeline if they choose to do so.

To insert a Facebook tag, you need to type @ and without adding a space (see graphic on right), start typing in the business name. If nothing comes up, wait a few seconds for Facebook to populate the list. As you type more information, you should be able to zero in on the business if it has a Page.

The same process applies if you’d like to Facebook tag a person. You may have noticed if you were looking for businesses, people also showed up. The caveat is if you are attempting to tag people as a Page, they’ll need to have Liked your page, list your business as their employer, or be previously associated with your page in some way to show up. This prevents more unscrupulous businesses from tagging strangers in posts with the hopes of getting more attention to their Page and means you can only tag people who have previously agreed to interact with your page.

Facebook tagging a Facebook page













Hashtag in Facebook

What’s a hashtag? You may have seen in posts with words that are highlighted and preceded with a # sign. When you click on this these hashtags, you’ll find that Facebook provides a results page with other posts also using these hashtags. It’s a good strategy to hashtag words you’d want other Facebook users to potentially find your post based on interest. Our advice: don’t go crazy with hashtags and apply this only to a few words, two to three at most. Check out our example below.


Example of hashtags in a Facebook post.


If you work these tips into your everyday posts as appropriate for the topic of your post, you should see some increased reach and engagement with your posts. This translates into eyeballs on your content, which means more people are given the opportunity to click and interact with you more as a brand.