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Sympathy Floral Design Options with Smithers Oasis Products

There are new sympathy trends in the market, especially when it comes to sympathy designs. These design techniques are increasing in popularity. Explore these trends while using Smithers Oasis products. 

Garland is a popular choice. There are more requests for cremation designs today. These designs are often used to complement urns or decorate around pictures being used. Garland can be adapted to create different shapes.  

Smither’s Oasis’ Max-life foam helps with your design options. Floral foam helps flowers live longer and enhance design abilities. Floral foam comes in in different shapes and sizes. Some even shaped like a train that are perfect to hang designs off the table. The flexibility of garland designs allows you to fit whatever space you are provided.  

There are also containers lined with plastic. They come in two sizes and can be used in sympathy or funeral arrangements. These trays sit low and heavy to the table, making it highly adaptable for any space. The grey coloring and wood texture allow it to be used for weddings or sympathy.  

The large size has enough space for an urn to easily slip inside the arrangement without damaging the table. For the medium size, a companion piece can be designed to sit beside the table or raised up above it. Create a full sympathy look. Various sizes open the door to a more versatile design.  

Another flexible product is the Midnight Foam. Typically used for sympathy pieces, it comes in many shapes and sizes. Using this product helps minimize the products you have to use. Its dark look and classic style make covering your mechanics an option not mandatory. It does not have to be lined with foliage. A block of Midnight Foam can also be used at the top of a tall ceramic piece and left exposed. It helps enhance a modern look.  

To look at these products and more, be sure to go the Smithers Oasis’ website, and for a hands-on demonstration, join Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, on Floriology Institute’s #DesignTime