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Succulents in Wedding and Event Designs

Succulents have been trending for a very long time. All succulents are popular but combining succulents with color is a trend currently in the limelight. 

Both potted and wired, succulents are used throughout a wide array of designs. They are even seen across wedding boards on Pinterest due to the upscale, modern look it adds to wedding designs. Today’s population has embraced succulents, and you should to. Here are some ways to use succulents to create trendy wedding and event designs. 

When you order succulents, they often come as a potted plant. This is less expensive than ordering in a tray, where the succulents have already been cut. In order to store your succulents, place them in a container with a little water. Be careful because overwatering succulents can cause them to rot.  

If the succulents have already been cut, put a sponge in the water. Place the succulent on top so it can drink. It will eventually start to root. Any type of moss can also be used. If the material is water absorbent, it should work. This is also helpful if you want to reuse the succulents. 

To insert succulents into a bridal bouquet, be sure to wire them. This will help support them. Remove the dirt, so only the succulent remains. Leave the root system in place. Insert a wire in each direction right above the root system. This will allow you to grab the roots in the tape and be able to create a stem.  

Starting right at the bottom of the plant, begin to tape the wires. Be sure that you don’t twist the tape too fast, as it is very tender. Once you’ve completely covered the succulent, cover the bottom in cold glue. This will hold it in place when you put it with the other flowers. Depending on how large the design is, cut the stem, so they don’t stick out. 

When adding succulents, make sure to put them in a prominent place. They will be one of the most expensive additions to an arrangement. Add them in, so people can see the succulents from every side.  

Putting a succulent in while it is potted is not recommended. If you still want to add in a potted succulent, be careful. Tuck it down low, so the pot disappears into the design. Be sure the succulents are secure. Once the event is over, unravel the tape and pot the succulent again. This will stand as a reminder of the day. 

Succulents continue to grow in popularity. More and more people want them included in their arrangements. By practicing proper handling and insertion techniques, you can become a master at working with succulents. 

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