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Style Tips for Your In-Store Décor

Your shop’s in-store style should reflect your brand. It should grab the shopper’s attention as soon as they walk in the door. Your window display should reflect the season along with some versatile designs for any transition between seasons.

Focus on eye-level displays. It grabs attention right off the bat. Once that is finished, work on decorating under tables, and if you are feeling creative, decorate the ceiling. The more decorations the merrier! Your customer should feel excited walking in your shop. Color, style and brand will make it stand out.

Your front counter and cooler should be clean. If it isn’t organized, you could lose your sale. Your shop should reflect your work. If your shop is precise and well-kept, your customer will be more prone to buy from you. If your shop is well-kept, they will expect your designs to be to.

Keeping your shop on trend along with keeping it consistent with your social media brand will prove beneficial for your shop’s overall success. Focus on the message you want to display and go all out. Every season, every holiday and every new design is a new opportunity to have fun and market your brand!

Remember to put in-store design into your budget. Keep it a priority and have fun with it. It is an essential part of selling your designs and keeping your customer coming back to see what is new. Don’t be afraid to reuse and change up your in-store décor. It doesn’t have to be used once and never again. Reuse your designs in different ways. The options are truly endless.