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String Quartet

Create this innovative design featuring four Kokedama moss balls wrapped in string.


A quartet of Kokedama offers a new look for corporate designs as well as a wide range of gift-giving occasions. Kokedama (in English, literally “moss ball”) is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. Kokedama can be placed in a vessel, on a tray, grouped as shown here, or displayed as a hanging garden.

This long-lasting and intriguing alternative to corporate floral design will breathe new life into entryways and meeting spaces. Jazz it up with brightly colored string, twine, wire, or rubber bands to add even more flair. Use branches or accent materials to create movement and the interest in the composition. Make it your own!


Phalaenopsis amabilis

Schlumbergera bridgesii

Sansevieria cylindrica

Epipremnum aureum

Sheet moss

Branches or accent materials

Akadama (Bonsai soil)

Peat moss

String (also twine, wire, monofilament, rubberbands, etc.)


Mixing bowl



  • Mix peat moss and Akadama (Bonsai soil) at a 7:3 ratio, wet the mixture just enough (but not more than!) to form a ball of soil. (See photo 1 and photo 2). Set aside.

  • Separate plants and remove excess potting medium from the roots.

  • Break soil ball in half. (See photo 3)

  • Surround prepared plant with the two halves of the soil ball. Shape as needed. (See photo 4)

  • Cover the soil ball entirely with pre-moistened and drained sheet moss. (See photo 5 and photo 6)

  • Bind with string. Knot the string once moss is secured and desired amount is used. (See photo 7)

  • Trim excess moss with scissors where necessary. (See photo 8)

  • Arrange Kokedama, adding branches or accent materials to your liking. (See photo 9)

Watering your Kokedama: Check plants for moisture by assessing their weight. Soak the ball in a bowl of room-temperature water for about 10 minutes. Then allow the ball to drain in the sink, a colander, or on a towel before placing it back in the design.

Tip: Replace orchid stakes with decorative branches to elevate the overall look and increase the perceived value of your design.