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Starting Up a Pinterest Account

Starting Up a Pinterest Account








We shared our take on the potential of Pinterest in our last blog. This time around, we're providing you quick instruction on how to get started.

Create Business Account and Install Save Widget

Visit Confirm your website to verify with Pinterest you are the owner and then wait for Pinterest to approve the account.

Once approved, so we recommend contacting your website developer/provider for this next step. Send them to this page: This provides instructions on how to embed a Pinterest “Save” button on all your website’s images so Pinners (or anyone really), can click on this button to easily create a Pin to save to their Boards. Collaborate with your developer to adjust how the Save button looks and acts to be sure you are satisfied with the end result.

Pinterest example Monday Morning FlowersStart Creating Your Own Pins

Once your website is ready for Pinners, focus on building your business Pinterest presence by creating your own Pins. Let’s talk best pinning practices. First, for every image you Pin, think of the keywords that best describe it to use in captions.

Consider these are the same keywords Pinners will use to find your Pin, so experiment by entering keywords into Pinterest Search to see what keywords are popular for your content. Try flower varieties, colors, flower styles and event themes.

When you post your own images, watermark them with the shop name to protect your work and promote your brand. Avoid using faces in Pins as these pins are posted at a lower rate. Ideal Pin image size is 1102x735 pixels.