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Social Media Tips

It’s the source for what's new, the latest gossip and where we go to keep up with the lives of family, friends and acquaintances. Social media has become the platform for anything and everything. How you brand yourself on social media will contribute to your success rate. In order to run a business that reaches its highest potential, you’ll need a strong and consistent social media presence.

Humanize your business. Remind your customers that they are buying from a locally owned business. Post Facebook Lives, so your consumers have the chance to get to know you in a convenient way, and take photos of yourself with customers or of your work at events. They'll be perfect to fill your timeline. 

Post #InstagramWorthy lifestyle photos of your products. Keep your social media on brand and focus on creating a theme for yourself. Chic and modern Instagram accounts will attract millennials while a traditional look with bright colors may draw an older crowd.

Social media gives you freedom to brand your own work and keep your shop relevant. You have creative freedom to brand yourself and your business. However, you must make a conscious effort to remain relevant.

The platform is there and available to you. The options are endless. How you choose to run your social media and the work you put into it will reflect on your shop’s success. In a world full of technology, having a presence on social media is necessary to compete.

Stand out from your competitors with unique blogs, original photos and a personality of your own. It will make your business relatable, and people will want to shop from you!

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