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Social Media Marketing Tips for Mother’s Day

The Coronavirus has turned the world upside-down, but the social media world is thriving. Facebook and Instagram have experienced a 40% increase in usage. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s important to show your community that you are still operating and display your designs.  

To be successful in social media, you need to know who your consumers are and what they need. With so many people at home unable to physically be close with their family or friends, this is the time to connect with your consumers.   

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to be creative with marketing and arrangements. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI, and Kami Martin of Flower Clique suggests marketing virtual bouquets for the upcoming holiday.  

During the “Prepping Your Website for Holiday Sales” webinar, they suggested virtual bouquets as a way to send a smile twice. The recipient would get a virtual bouquet through email or text, then receive the physical one once available. This is a perfect promotion for stores affected by closures due to COVID-19 or aren’t operating under normal circumstances.  

It is important to remain active on social media during this time to show your community that you are potentially still open and operating. Due to new social distancing guidelines, customers may only be allowed physically in shops if wearing masks. They may not be allowed in at all.   

Try doing daily polls across all your platforms to interact with followers in a direct and meaningful manner. Use the polls to ask about follower's favorite flowers, if they’re interested in live design demos or for giveaways. This practice will help curate your content to what followers enjoy the most.  

It’s important to engage with followers on social media by liking and responding to comments. The more your followers engage with your social posts, the more frequently your account will appear on their timeline. Social media algorithms have changed from being in chronological order to being based on behavioral patterns. Subsequently, the more that a follower engages with your content, the better it is for you.  

Since so many social media users are at home, utilize the LIVE features available on many platforms. Currently, the time you go LIVE matters less than what you are broadcasting. You can create arrangements, give showroom tours, or showcase what you have in store to create bundle deals. Make sure to save your live videos to cross-promote on other platforms. You can reupload an Instagram LIVE video to repurpose as a premiere video on Facebook, as a shorter video post or use it as for IGTV. Video-based content is proven to do better on social media. Make sure to capitalize on it.  

With more people at home, it’s easier to increase impression and engagement averages. Increase your averages by creating content that followers are encouraged to interact with. It is important to utilize social media beyond the holidays and into the rest of the year. We hope these tips will help lead your shop into a social success!