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Sizing Up The Situation

Make wedding arrangements appear larger, even on a small budget.

Every couple wants beautiful, full, show-stopping wedding flowers. However, not everyone has a budget. There are many techniques for cost-effectively making your bridal arrangements appear larger and grander. Shown here are several ideas.

1) Yes, this arrangement has many flowers, but by choosing a pedestal container, your starting point is at a higher level and the design looks even bigger than it actually is. Also, most of the flower stems have been left long and there’s a mixing of textures, communicating a lush yet airy style. Another tip: use a pedestal container with a smaller opening which will give you even more visual value.

2) This arrangement conveys an attractive minimalist approach. The design begins by making a structure with branches…which can be used to hold the flowers. The branches also make the arrangement taller. After I made the structure, I tied water tubes into it and designed with a tropical look. Tropical flowers typically have small stems which makes using the water tubes very effective. This arrangement uses approximately 10-12 stems of flowers to achieve a dynamic appearance.

3) Sometimes we are asked to design for an ultra low budget wedding. Not to worry, there are ways to make that budget shine by using just a few flowers and a creative structure made out of Oasis Midnight Foam. This centerpiece utilizes only 4-5 flowers from the garden, along with 4 small bowls grouped together. And because the florals are so airy and light while also creating contrast with the bottom dark structure, the arrangement generates the kind of synergy that gives it a significantly more expensive look.

4) For this arrangement, I gathered 9 small trays, utilized Oasis Midnight Foam, and added a light touch of flowers. The botanicals weave amongst themselves and create movement, resulting in a uniquely energetic centerpiece design. Each tray has a slightly different style – and yet they all look similar. It’s almost like you’re telling 9 different but related stories in one book! With its minimal use of blooms and material, this is a great way to create something memorable and also stay within a low budget.

5) We often have broken flowers or unexpected short stems…so how can we use these to our advantage? In this example, I combined two pieces of wood together. I drilled holes, inserted some strong Oasis Mega Wire and covered with Oasis Bind Wire in a natural color. I zip-tied water tubes into this new structure, and in between, I attached smaller pieces of wood to make the structure stronger for delivery purposes. Repetition of the branches floating in the air with the flowers provides increased texture. In choosing the flowers, I went with light, delicate, soft blooms to add contrast to the structure. Note: if you want to turn this design into a table centerpiece, make the wire longer so wedding guests can look through the design while talking with each other at the table… indeed, this design will definitely be a conversation piece!

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