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Simple Floral Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the tool for making a floral business will bloom.  

There are floral business owners out there who still do not have a marketing strategy or think the word itself is unorthodox for floral-related things. Floral or not, marketing is the way to get the word out to your customers about your services/product. 

Let’s take a look at some floral marketing strategies that are doable and beneficial to excelling your floral business.  


1) Offer Free Gift with Purchase.  

The subliminal message here is brand recognition and visibility: branded pens, calendars, t-shirts, etc.  

Think of ways you can make your flower shop’s brand visible and make sure it’s something that will be used often. Your business’ name, phone number and website address (& your physical address too - if it fits). Everything should be clear and visible on the product you offer free with purchase. 


2) Make a Floral Video/Commercial. 

Research shows videos help create longer lasting brand visibility with more conversions to sales. This can be posted across your social platforms and linked back to your website. Websites such as make this possible and easy for you and your floral business!  

NOTE: Videos are not one-size-fits- all. You may have to offer condensed versions,as some platforms, such as Instagram, have a time limit. 

Don’t forget to use relevant keywords when you post your video and include a link to your website in the caption. This opens the door to potential sales. 


3) Utilize Google Business and Yelp.  

Did you know 91% of customers read online reviews? This is why it is important to sign up for Google business and link your shop to Yelp. Customers are attracted to a business with positive reviews, and search engines make these reviews prominent. Every review is a step closer to gaining your customer’s trust.  

This gives customers insight to your business. But be sure to stay active when it comes to replying and addressing both good and bad reviews. This helps build your shop’s credibility. 


4) Floral Marketing on Social Media.  

Keep your content consistent across all marketing strategies: social media, print and email, this way, if your customer misses is one place, they are bound to see it in another.  

Try to come up with a preferred #Hashtag. This can be used repeatedly for all of your social media platforms. One way to keep organized with your posts is to set a schedule, choose specific days each week and start posting.  

Be responsive and address comments, as they come in. Engage your followers with questions, thoughts, and tips. Lastly, thank your customers for liking/following your page, as well.  


5) Write Blogs. 

Blogging is a long-term investment for your floral business. Writing just once or twice a year will not get you far or recognition. Commit to the idea of writing a blog 1-2 times a month. The benefits are worth it. Your SEO will thank you for it.  

Blogging doubles as content for your social channels that can be linked to your website. The catch is, with SEO, it is important to write topics ahead of their timeline.  

An example being- write a blog on choosing Valentine’s Day flowers one to two months in advance, so the keywords can marinate on your site. As the holiday approaches, i.e.. the first week of February, share that blog to your social, as it would be more relevant to your followers. 

Don’t forget to post your blog’s link with an image and title that catches your customer’s attention.  

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