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Sibling Revelry by Mike Pucci

Their botanical journey began in South America, where Ana and Maria Servigna were a constant presence in their mom’s plant nursery on the family farm in Venezuela. It was there that the sisters began a lifelong appreciation of flowers and a passion for floral design.

In the early 2000s, Ana and Maria came to the United States, bringing with them a thirst for continuing education instilled in them by their parents. “Mom and dad made certain that Ana and I, along with our older brother, attended college. They stressed the importance of learning and the role of education in expanding opportunities,” says Maria.

“At the urging of our parents, we pursued graduate degrees at Syracuse University. Maria earned a Masters's degree in Language and Literature and I earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology,” adds Ana.

Today, the sisters each teach at Stetson University in Florida where Ana is a professor of anthropology and Maria is a professor of Spanish while also teaching a class on English for Speakers of Other Languages.

For the past six years, Ana and Maria have also been creating beautiful arrangements and decorations for weddings, corporate gatherings, and many other events. In September 2019, they opened their shop, called Impekable Flowers & Event Design, located in DeLand, Florida.

Never losing their focus on the importance of education, the sisters applied for and were granted participation in a mentoring program through the Florida State Florists’ Association. Their mentor was Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, BloomNet Director of Education and Industry Relations, and the National President of the American Institute of Floral Designers.

“I spent an entire day with Jackie at Floriology Institute in Jacksonville. It was amazing, we learned so much from him…and that immediately increased our confidence, in many ways validating the many years Ana and I had spent expanding our knowledge of flowers and honing our design skills,” states Maria.

“Jackie also worked closely with us to prepare for our grand opening, sharing his ideas, guiding us with his expertise, making important suggestions, and always providing encouragement,” says Ana. “That meant the world to us.”

The result was a very successful opening for Impekable Flowers & Event Design. And the business continues to grow with Ana and Maria placing a strong emphasis on assuring that their customers receive the highest quality products at reasonable prices, combined with the best service.

The buzz about the shop is also increasing, as the local community embraces the new business and its commitment to providing a memorable customer experience. For example, a flower bar was created in the shop, enabling customers to select stems and arrange their own bouquets…an idea that has proved to be very popular. “We love working with flowers, and we want our customers to also feel that love,” says Maria.

Also, many customers have commented about how much they enjoy the aroma of scented candles that are constantly burning throughout the shop.

“We are always looking for ways to differentiate our business. And most importantly, we want people to look forward to visiting our shop, to always feel welcome, and of course to keep coming back again and again,” sums up Ana.

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