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Show Thanks to Your Whole Community this Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year and florists everywhere are gearing up for the rush of orders and celebrations coming up! This holiday season, while you're thanking your friends and family for everything they do, don't forget to thank your community and customers, too. Your customers are the reason why you get to do what you love every day - design beautiful arrangements and bring joy and smiles to everyone who receives them!

We think this time of year is the perfect time to show the community just how much you appreciate them. Here are our ideas for showering some love on your community this holiday season:

  1. Return Customer Discount

The people who deliver flowers to their mom every month or pick up roses for their wives every week are the community members who keep the flower industry moving forward. This year, consider showing these people how much you appreciate them by offering a discount or gift to your regulars.

There are a lot of options for how to handle a promotion like this smoothly during the holiday season. One choice is a punch card system- each in-store customer can get a punch card that they will one punch on for every arrangement they purchase before Christmas. When they fill their card they're eligible for a small free arrangement or a discount. You could also consider simply a return discount code given to each individual purchaser that gives them a percentage off of their next order before Christmas.

  1. Holiday Open House Party

Holiday open house parties are a wonderful way to celebrate your existing customers while welcoming in new members of the community. Throwing an open house party is simple - all you need to do it pick your date then advertise the party to nearby businesses, in-store customers and on social media. 

We suggest throwing the party on a Friday or Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas during normal business hours until an hour or so after closing. Buy (or bake!) some sweet treats and cookies and put out examples of all your beautiful, custom holiday designs!  Your community will love stopping by to meet you, see your work and check out your shops lovely decorations!

  1. Community Gifts

There are a lot of community members that could use some extra love during the holiday season! While they may not be regular customers of yours, these community members support you and your loved ones by volunteering and working hard day-in and day-out to make your community a wonderful place to live. Flowers bring happiness to everyone who receives them and the holiday season is the perfect time to deliver some love.

Sending arrangements to these community members bring them joy and beauty during holiday season.  Nursing homes are always looking for ways to bring cheer to their residents and are a perfect choice for flower donations. Hospitals, shelters and food banks are more community locations filled with volunteers and hard workers that deserve some love. Send a few arrangements out to the community show just how much you appreciate everything they do!