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Sharing Knowledge, Enhancing Success

Nearly 20 years ago, a dream became reality as Alejandro Figueira, AIFD, CFD, started a floral design business in his native Venezuela. Not long after that, he came to America seeking to expand his opportunities and grow a following of loyal customers.

In 2001, Alejandro founded Ornatus Events, a customized event and floral design company based in Davie, Florida. Today, he is among the most respected and renowned designers in the worldwide floral industry. Alejandro, a Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge, is eager to share his extensive knowledge and diverse experience with others and that’s exactly what he is doing as an instructor for Floriology NOW – a new online educational platform featuring video-based courses covering more than 70 design and business topics.

In his role as educator, Alejandro instructs a comprehensive course focused on the building blocks of floral design...providing tips, techniques and insights that can enhance the success of floral designers at all skill levels. Available both through the Floriology NOW online platform and at the Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, Florida, the course concentrates on the elements and principles of design. The course is also Floriology’s first course to be offered in Spanish.

“I am very excited to join the team of Floriology instructors,” states Alejandro. “I have spoken with many different people who do not speak English and want to take instructional classes in Spanish. The course is a great opportunity for the Spanish speaking community.”

He adds that by taking the course, “students will be able to obtain the necessary and fundamental knowledge for the composition of floral design...understanding and learning each concept of the seven principles and eight primary elements along with 10 secondary elements.”

Alejandro also sees an outstanding opportunity, particularly through the extensive course curriculum offered by Floriology NOW, to reach a wide range of floral designers who are in various stages of their careers – from those who are just starting out and are seeking professional training, to temporary staff designers, to seasoned designers who want to broaden their creative horizons.

“Floriology NOW is a versatile tool for providing different levels of learning for beginners, intermediate and advanced floral designers,” continues Alejandro. “If I owned a retail flower shop, I would share this tool with my designers, providing greater knowledge that can lead to better business results.”

For more about Alejandro, follow @alejandrofigueira_floralartist on Instagram