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Seven Writing Tips for Social Media Posts

If there is something that goes hand in hand with social media, it is good pictures and quality captions. For a lesson on taking high-quality pictures, reference last week's technology blog. For now, it’s time to write. 

If you want to inform your clients or attract them to your services, follow these seven tips when writing for social media.  



1. Feeling Stuck? Just Write. 

Writer’s block is real. Don’t let it trap you or prevent you from posting to your social media. Sometimes, it takes writing and rewriting before the job gets dones. Look at the bright side, most social platforms offer an edit button. 

Let your ideas flow and type what comes to mind. Do this without leaving the keyboard and your brain will engage with the words. Sentence structure, spelling and punctuation will come later. Play around with puns and well-known phrases. You are hardly ever going to write something 100% correct in the beginning. Get the ideas down and edit where needed.  

2. Follow 8th Grade Writing Standards. 

The habit of writing as if an 8th grader would read your post makes you write clearly. Social posting isn’t for formal terms and jargon. All it does is lose your client’s interest. In return, it loses traction and engagement. If you say something real in a clever way, clients are more prone to engage. 

3. Write to Target Your Client. 

Try to write with your clients’ interest in the mind. Tell them what benefit they can get from your product or service. The goal is to post something that will improve their life and yours.  

4. Have a Writing Objective. 

Be clear on the goal for each social media post. Write with purpose. Focus on the target while writing. You should ask yourself what action you want your client to take? Use strong verbs to call them to action. Buy now. Save today. How your sentence is structured and where you take your reader is entirely up to you.  

You must write with purpose in order to better promote your products or services. Social media posts can have a selling approach, but the consumer does not want to feel sold to. You have to find the balance that works best for you. Every post should be viewed as an opportunity to build, showcase and share your business’ products and services.    

5. Make Your Clients Feel Like They are Getting Something.  

Break down longer messages, so your text doesn’t feel bulker. If all your information is clumped up, you are bound to lose the reader’s interest. Stick with short paragraphs, short sentences, transition lines, bullets and questions. Questions increase client engagement and interest. 

6. Write Where You Can Concentrate. 

Don’t be discouraged with the amount of time and work making social posts can take. The best way to deal with this issue is by defining a time to write and breaking your time. Write where you can concentrate and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come to you right away. 

7. Add Pictures to Increase Value. 

As mentioned on last week’s technology blog, high quality pictures add value to social media accounts and websites. They attract people and engage them to choose your product or service. Pictures add value to words. When executed correctly, they can be very effective.  

High quality pictures and good writing go hand in hand with social media and websites. Apply these seven tips when writing your next social posts, and you will see the difference.