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Seasonal Splendor

A beautiful celebratory Fall and Holiday centerpiece that doesn’t break the bank  


Taking into consideration the labor costs associated with insertion, the over-greening of containers can cut into profits during the busy Fall and Holiday celebration season.  

   By using the new midnight foam from Smithers Oasis, it can be easier, faster, and more cost efficient to conceal the mechanics on this centerpiece design.  

   Add value by extending the centerpiece, utilizing votive candles dispersed on the table with this simple decorative treatment. Use small strips of cut Uglu to add fresh cedar to the new tall votive.  

   1, 2) The product used to create this design includes the new Midnight foam, a value container and double brick tray from Smithers Oasis. Floral elements include white football mums, emerald variegated hydrangea, playa blanca roses, white button mums, Star of Bethlehem, and green hypericum.  

   (3) The foam block was cut horizontally and adhered to the double brick tray with floral adhesive.  

   (4, 5) Use holiday greens efficiently by turning the pine to the back so you can see the spine. Cut above the foliage breaks, leaving them on the main stem when possible.  

   (6) Cedar is inserted sideways in a draping fashion, which gives dimensions to the design. Midnight foam will disappear like a shadow. At this point, insert floral materials rather than over-greening the base.  

   (7) Roses are inserted in a diagonal pattern, adding depth to the centerpiece. Football mums add a long-lasting component that takes a generous amount of space per insertion. One hydrangea cut into multiple pieces adds a beautiful touch to the look of the centerpiece. 

   (8) White button mums are added by taking multiple side breaks and grouping them into a tier to make one insertion. Every insertion is labor, something to be aware of when considering the profitability of the design.  

   (9) Finishing touches are added with some curly pine tips and four stars of Bethlehem in areas of prominence.