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The Role of Florist in Moments of Grief: Bob Tucker Interview

Let’s talk sympathy. A few weeks ago, Bob Tucker AIFD, CFD, FSMD from Miss Daisy's Flowers & Gifts, shared with us how he has built a strong sympathy business. Throughout his many years of experience, he has discovered that the key of a good sympathy business relies on good costumer service. Here are some of Bob Tucker’s tips on how to make the funeral flower purchasing experience more comforting for your clients!  

Prepare a Cozy Location

All the costumers that come to Bob Tucker’s flower shop, especially those looking for funeral flowers, are treated with the most hospitality. In fact, he has a special space in the flower shop to receive clients looking to buy funeral flowers. This private corner allows them to express their full emotions when choosing funeral flowers for their loved ones. To make clients feel even more at home, Bob offers them some water, tea, or coffee. It’s all about creating a comfortable environment for the costumer, where they can take a breath and open about their feelings.

Get to Know Your Client

Before you start talking about flowers with your client, take some minutes to get to know them. Ask them thoughtful positive questions about their love one that passed away. For instance, you can ask them about their love one’s favorite color, favorite flowers, or if they had any hobbies, etc. Be sensitive about the type of questions you ask and listen to their answers. According to Bob Tucker, this will help you make better funeral flowers suggestions.   

Have a Tributes Floral Selection Guide

Once you have talked to your client about the personality, color, and flower preferences of their loved one, you can use the Bloomnet’s Tributes Floral Selection Guide to show them potential arrangements. Bob Tucker recommends not showing the whole section guide at the beginning of the consultation, but rather showing them a few arrangements based on what you now know about their loved one. For example, if your client tells you their loved one enjoyed fishing and that their favorite color was red, you can grab your Tributes Floral Selection Guide and show them an arrangement with a fisherman keepsake and let them know you can decorate it with red roses. The Tributes Floral Selection Guide, helps you show your clients more personalized options.

Try Bob Tucker’s sympathy business tips and see how your funeral business grows. Remember, to have a comfortable private environment for consultations, talk to your client about their loved one’s personality, and make targeted suggestions using the Tributes Floral Selection Guide. Creating a excellent costumer experience is key to make your costumers happy in moments of grief!