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The Revolution Artificial Intelligence is Bringing to Technology and Businesses

Decades ago, many people wouldn’t believe the technological peaks that have been reached both in movies and in day-today technological advances. Screen pictures, monitors and every-day desktops have evolved in ways many would have never imagined, and it’s still evolving.  


What started off as a pure figment of imagination is now a reality. It all gets realer and realer by the day. Just a few examples of what has been created are Google Glass, iWatch and Artificial Intelligence. It’s what every technology savvy person and business owner are into at the moment. It is a revolutionizing technology for business. 


What is Artificial Intelligence?   


Artificial Intelligence also referred to as AI is simply the science of computers and machines developing human intelligence.   


This technology allows machines to do everything both little and big that humans regularly do. The system is efficient enough to reduce labor risks in various industries, and all of it can be done faster and with less risk of error. 


At the moment, the applications that count with this type of technology are considered to be “Weak AI”. Weak AI means that the applications available need to be directed in order for them to offer what users need. Apple’s Siri is a good example of weak AI. For this reason, AI still needs to achieve its fullest potential.   


The goal is for artificial intelligence to be “Strong AI.” This means that artificial intelligence applications can make their own decisions without human input. Also, “Strong AI” can solve various problems and act more like a human being. This objective is still far away, but engineers are working hard to make it a reality one day.  


1-800-Flowers is one company that is applying AI in its industry. They partnered with IBM’s Watson program, an AI technology, to renovate their online customer experience with the support of a virtual shopping assistant. Its name is “Gwyn.” Gwyn stands for “Gifts When You Need.” 


Gwyn consists of guiding customers during their online flower shopping experience. This AI technology interacts with users via natural language and can adjust to all sorts of questions. Also, Gwyn has the capacity of asking follow-up questions to make sure that the client is given the right product suggestions. For example, Gwyn can ask you about the occasion, the sentiment and even what types of gifts you want. 


Don’t think that big corporations like this one are only able to implement AI in their business. Your business can too! 1-800- Flowers is one example as to why investing in this revolutionary technology is something to consider. This tool will truly help your customers have a better online shopping experience and will help your business save time and increase efficiency. 


Artificial Intelligence is a reality, and it isn’t stopping now. What seemed impossible is actually occurring. Be part of this rising technology and implement it in your business. The time is now.