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Reinventing Everyday Design and Celebrating Life Everyday Courses

Knowledge is power, and you should never stop seeking new ways to become knowledgeable. Although no knowledge is left unused, there are always new and upcoming trends changing how things are done. Floral education classes are a great way to expand your knowledge and update with new design trends. 

Floriology Institute seeks to provide every florist the opportunity to grow and adapt their skills by providing fresh new courses with innovative techniques. September may just be your month for growth at Floriology Institute. These two courses are Reinventing Everyday Design and Celebrating Life Everyday. Both of which still have available slots for registration.

Floriology Institute instructor Donald Yim AIFD, CFD, CPFD will be teaching Reinventing Everyday Design. He is one of their longest running instructions. He is bringing back some new knowledge from the World Flower Art Contest in Beijing 2019. Yim will be teaching you how to make a larger statement with fewer products, and how-to take simple products like branches from your yard to update your look. This course starts Sunday, September 15th and ends Tuesday the 17th.

The following week AIFD President Jackie Lacy AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CFD will be teaching Floriology Institute’s Celebrating Life Everyday course. This course is the sympathy course with the focus on celebrating life. Celebrating life is more of the focus for sympathy designs today. Former AIFD President Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD, PFCI from Smithers Oasis will be joining Jackie, Frank is the Oasis Floral Products Design Director. This course starts Sunday, September 29th and ends Thursday, October 3rd.

These courses will show you how to update your everyday look without changing your style. Stand out among your competitors. To learn more, join Jackie for last week’s #DesignTime. Register for one of these courses or an upcoming course now.