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Ready for Their Close-Up

Sarah Campbell and Jordan Marx of Intrigue Design & Décor embrace the spotlight to bring floral education to a wider audience 

The Big Flower Fight, a Netflix original series, is a very bingeable show. The first season of this feel-good floral design competition hit the streaming service in May, pitting 10 pairs of “amateur floral sculptors” against each other to see who could create the most impressive large-scale designs. 

The participants, who created everything from “Enormous Insects” and “Huge Hairy Beasts” to “Green Giants” and “Fabulous Floral Fashion,” included avant-garde artists, landscapers and more, as well as Sarah Campbell, a wedding and event floral designer and owner of Intrigue Design & Décor.  

Sarah and Intrigue’s communications director, Jordan Marx, threw themselves into the challenges with gusto, making it all the way to the semi-finals of the competition before being eliminated. While Sarah and Jordan excelled in the challenges, winning wasn’t on the top of their minds when they decided to go on the show. “I don’t know if we actually went there to win,” Sarah muses.  

“I don’t think we even talked about winning until we were there and winning was the object of the game,” Jordan adds. “The whole time, Sarah was primarily concerned with how much exposure we could bring to the floral industry and floristry as a career.”  

Sarah says that what attracted her most to the show was that the casting team was very clear that their ultimate goal was to create something beautiful and positive. “We wanted to be part of that,” she says. “We wanted to use that positive light to let more people see this amazing industry, as well as the career options that are out there and that we didn’t know about when we were younger.”  

Simone Haywood, an executive producer on The Big Flower Fight, says that viewers’ reaction to the show demonstrated that they felt that positivity as well. “We’ve had a phenomenal positive reaction to the show from such a diverse range of people. It’s been incredible to watch the heart-warming responses on social media platforms. Viewers are inspired themselves to go out and get creative with plants and flowers,” she describes.  

Sarah adds that the feedback she and Jordan have received, mostly on social media, has been similarly enthusiastic. “I’ve seen so many people comment on our Instagram posts or Twitter feed about how they didn’t know that they could be a florist or that floral design was a creative outlet that was available to them,” says Sarah. “People are expressing their interest in floral industry education, which is exactly what we wanted.”  

Education has always been a major part of the DNA at Intrigue Design & Décor, and Sarah and Jordan have traveled the country, conducting workshops and teaching courses that have helped elevate floral businesses all over the United States. Even now, with parts of the country still in some form of lockdown due to COVID-19, the duo is looking for new ways to support their industry and bring floral education to those looking for it. This has included creating a resources library, which Jordan refers to as their Florist Recovery Package. The resources library aggregates information from floral educators and wedding industry professionals on topics such as marketing, social media and photography for florists who are looking to expand their skillsets as the country continues to deal with the pandemic. 

“We’re always listening and looking at the industry to see what people need and what people are calling for. It’s up to us to be listening and do what we must to keep helping, because at the end of the day, that’s what we want to be doing,” says Sarah. 

For more insights from Sarah Campbell, follow @intrigue_designs on Instagram.