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Pump Up Profits

Materials and Botanicals

Easy techniques for turning repurposed items into beautiful designs for B2B customers

By repurposing sets of event rentals and inviting new color palettes into play, a quick and cost-effective display is achieved. Succulents, cactus and air plants are incredibly long lasting...which will please your stylish weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly clients as well as create opportunities to acquire new corporate customers. So, review your current inventory, apply these simple upgrades, and get ready to create!


  • Oasis Metallic Wire
  • Oasis Bullion Wire
  • Small bleached manzanita branches or similar
  • Various vase fillers such as stones, glass, sand, etc.
  • Cut succulents and/or cacti
  • Tillandsias Collection of glassware

STEPS:Steps 4-5Steps 1-3

  • Select coordinating vase fillers that complement your color palette.
  • Fill each vase with a different base component.
  • Wrap Oasis Metallic Wire around portions of branches for visual interest. (see photo #1)
  • Insert your branches into the vase filler until they feel secure.
  • Place first layer of succulents, cacti, and/or Tillandsias in separate vases.
  • Gently wrap Tillandsias with Oasis Bullion Wire at the base and secure onto upper branches. (see photos #2, #3 and #4) • Accent each piece with additional branches, larger stones, feathers, etc. (see photo #5)